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Josie Hovis

on 8 November 2015

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Transcript of Buddhism

This ancient religion has been influencing the human race for centuries. Although this movement was started with one man in one country, it has extended to millions around the world.

Number of Followers
Types of Buddhism

Rituals, Holidays, and Observances
The number of people that follow Buddhism is approximately 376 million
Two main types:
values political freedom for society as a whole
they very strongly believed in society being in pleasure together
uses the Four Noble Truths
the greater type of Buddhism in the Southeast Asia
values knowledge received from rigorous study
Other sects:
Pure Land
Vesak- "Buddha Day," this is a time where Buddhists celebrate Buddha by creating shrines
Festival of the Tooth- celebrates the tooth of Buddha with a large parade
Mantras- type of prayer
Meditation- technique used to clear the mind
Holy Places
Bodh Gaya- shrine where Lord Buddha became spiritually aware of Buddhism
Kushinagar-shrine where Lord Buddha came to Mahaparinirvana (demise)
Siddhartha Gautama recited his opening religious speech
Tawang Monastery - a Dalai Lama, Ngawang Lobsang Gyatso, wanted this monastery to be created

Buddhism is mostly practiced in Asia
Buddhism is also practiced in Japan, Thailand, Burma, Loas, and Cambodia
Mahayama is practiced mostly in China Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Singupore, and Tiawan
The pure lands are in the Philipens, Nichiren, Shigan, and Tiantai

Places Where Buddhism is Practiced
3 signs of being: "life is always changing", "I suffer when I expect life to always be the way I like it", "I change also, when I call myself is not fix, not a permanent fix"
The Middle Way: people are not wealthy and not poor
The Middle Way was symbolized in the dharma wheel which was a representation of the method of overcoming suffering
The Tibetan Wheel of Life
Holy Book/ Scripture
History of the Religion
Tang Dynasty- Confucian scholars attacked Buddhism
Burmese king Anawrahta attacked Theton over religious texts
Buddhism caused an argument in Japan in 552 when some citizens were worried that it contradicted the
, or nature spirits.
Muslims came into India in 1200 C.E. and burned many holy sites
Women in Buddhism
Buddha's stepmother, Mahapajapati, was the one to start a role for females in Buddhism.
In the past nuns (
) have had more restrictive rules than monks (
), but now they are advocating for equal rights.
Siddhartha Gautama
Indian prince who wanted to spread placidity throughout India
After traveling he believed that suffering originated from always wishing to be comfortable and to receive everything desired.
Could be fixed with The Middle Way.
Some Buddhists became Monks and Nuns (aka the Sangha).
Basic Core Beliefs
The Buddhists believe in four noble truths
The four noble truths are the main teachings of Buddhism, including that "existing is suffering" and to follow the eightfold path.
The eightfold path is the teachings and methods to reach enlightenment
Description of the people and culture
Buddhism in the West
3 forms of Meditation
Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration, and Right View
4 parts of the base of Mindfulness
Feelings, Body, Mind, and Mental Contents
Other Meditation
Picturing in the mind
Making sure that the mind is at peace and together as one
Depth of meaning

Buddhism was only recently introduced on a large scale to Western countries (last 50 years)
The Maha Bodhi Society of India has a magazine in English,
The Maha Bodhi
, that has helped spread information about Buddhism in the West

Maha Bodhi Temple
Buddhists have certain hand positions with teaching, blessing, and meditations
For birth they have blessings
Monks have a ceremony adulthood called
Monks typical day starts out five, and they start praying at five thirty
It is Monks duty to clean up the temple and repaint Buddha statues
bed time is around 9 p.m, after Monks sermon
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