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•Communism is a political theory based on the works of Marx. Do some research on this theory to broaden your understanding of communism. Infer/explain why Nazi Germany would have seen this political view as a threat.

Katie Quinlisk

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Communism

Communism What is Communism? Communism is a a
system of political
organization or a belief
that all people should own property in common, and that property should be owned by the people as a whole. Communists also believe that their should be no set ruler or dictATOR WITH COMPLETE POLITICAL POWER. Communism's main purpose and goal is that every person has thier needs equally met and that everyone has equal opprotunity.
Communism is Hist CoC Communism in History Communism in war Communism played a major role in both WWII and the cold war. during world war II, Nazi Germany saw communism as a threat to thEIr power and control over their country. There were many reasons for the nazis to dislike the communists. The main reason was that communists worked to overthrow their rulers, and nazis saw this a MAJOR block in their road to complete world control. ANOTHER REASON was that the communists openly rejected religion. Nazis promoted what they thought was proper christian values, and worked for a completely aryan christian race. They also persecuted and murdered thousands because of thEIr religon. ALSO, Communism's main goal was that all people WERE TO have equal property, rights, and living standards by owning all things and property in common. Nazis did not believe in the equal treatment of all people. Karl Marx Karl Marx was a german philosopher who
predicted that workers around the world would come together to overthrow their rulers. He also said that after the workers revOlted against a set up government, the pople would set a classless society and put an end to the owning of private propeerty.This made Marx the official creator of communism. When Lenin came to power, he was determined to lead Russia in this revolution.
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