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Copy of The New York State English regents Exam - It's a Race to the

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Matt Jones

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The New York State English regents Exam - It's a Race to the

The New York State English regents Exam - It's a Race to the finish!
Part One - Listening
Here you will listen to a passage 2x. You may take notes during both readings. You may look at the multiple choice questions between the first reading and the second.
-usually a biography, personal essay or recounting of historical event
Part 2- Reading Comprehension
You will read two reading selections (A and B) and answer multiple choice questions after each reading.
-one is usually a memoir or personal essay about a memorable exprience
-one is usually more scientific or historical and fact based
Part 3 - Thematic/ Controlling Idea
This is where you will read an excerpt or prose piece and a poem. You will answer multiple choice questions about both selections. You will then write 2 paragraphs in response to the readings.
Paragraph 1: The controlling idea
Paragraph 2: The literary element
Part 4- The Critical Lens Essay
You will be asked to write a full length essay based on a quote that is provided. Use information from TWO works of Literature that you have read in school to support your idea.
The Conversion Chart
-The conversion chart combines your writing score (10) with your multiple choice score (25) to give you an overall grade
-The weight of each category varies year to year
-Here is an example:
-****Notice there is no .5 for the writing section which means it is rounded up for your overall writing score if you get a ___.5 on your critical lens
Skills you will need to successfully complete this phase of the race
listening for important details
note taking - 5Ws -
-you don't need to write everything down
-think about big picture stuff:
-purpose of the passage
-who the narrator/author is and why he/she is telling the story
-technique used to convey information
-personal experience
-facts and statistic (logos)
-emotional appeal (pathos)
-listen carefully the first time (maybe not take as many notes) and then look at the MC questions and take notes accordingly for the second read.
Skills you will need to successfully complete this phase of the mission:
-critical reading (getting the gist)
-annotating (highlighting, underlining, circling, note taking in the margins)
-Think big picture again (purpose, genre of passage, narrative style, main idea
-Make sure you can back each answer up with evidence from the text
skills you will need:
Reading critically, annotating, multiple choice taking skills
Thematic Formula for Success Handout
Paragraph 1 - You are given a theme (work, insight, technology, love). Your job is to Write a controlling idea using supporting details from
BOTH texts
Paragraph 2 - Explaining a literary element and using supporting details from
ONE text
to show how that element works to enhance meaning.

Skills you will need:
Think critically about an idea.
Write a TWO sentence interpretation of the quote.
PROVE your argument using TWO works of Literature and TWO Literary elements.
Remember characters, setting, conflicts, symbols... that gave meaning to the literature
Write a SIX paragraph Essay
Understand the main construct - INTRO<< BODY>>CONCLUSION
Writing the controlling idea paragraph (question 26)
The CI - 2 sentences that answer the question: "What do both passages say about ____?"
Sentence 1- make a general statement about the theme
Sentence 2- Write a clear controlling idea referencing the authors of both passages
Sentence 3 - Specific reference to how the first passage supports your controlling idea about the theme (1-2)
-relevant examples from the passage (2-3 sentences)
-clear connection b/w examples and the theme (1-2 sentences)
Sentence 4 - Same steps as 3 but referencing the second passage
Sentence 5 -tie it up (restate your controlling idea that links both passages to the theme_. i.e. "Through their development of their respective passages, both author argue that (connection to theme)"

The literary element paragraph (Question 27)
Step 1 -
Identify and define
one element/technique from
one passage
-best ones to choose: characterization, conflict, or irony (prose passage), figurative language (simile, metaphor, personification), symbolism, or imagery (poetry)
Step 2 - determine how that element/technique develops that theme provided to you
write it!
step 1 (1-2 sentences): Identify and define the literary element you will be using
Step 2 (1-2): generally explain why the author uses that literary element in the passage
Step 3 (1-2): identify the element via direct quote.
-when referencing it, state the line # ("in line 10, the author uses a simile to suggest that hard work pays off. He writes, "..."
Step 4 (1-2): note the effect this element has on the reader and how it helps develop the theme provided.
Step 5: more than one example of the literary element chosen is usually better. Repeat steps 3 and 4.
**Note-if you choose an element like figurative language, it gives you a more general focus to work with. You may identify any combination of metaphor, simile, connotation, and personification if you so choose.
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