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Senior Seminar 2016- 2017

No description

Clark Counseling

on 8 September 2016

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Transcript of Senior Seminar 2016- 2017

College Choices
Electronic Applications
Who is my counselor?

October 1 *
November 5
December 3 *
January 21 *
March 11 *
May 6
June 3 *
Take the SAT and/or ACT
The admission website of the university you are interested in will guide you, but most will accept either test.
The GO Center (A-101) has registration material, practice tests, and study material.
There are many free apps to help you practice for the SAT and ACT
www.collegeboard.org (SAT)
www.act.org (ACT)
Make sure to send your scores to your colleges
Utilize the College Board website for AP information

Explore AP
Be realistic about your choices.
Apply to at least 3 to 5 schools
College Night:

* Monday, October 24th, 6:00-8:30 UTSA (Clark's designated time is
7:30 -8:30)

Request an Official Transcript
This is a record of your high school grades and EOC scores.
Order your transcript by filling out an order form located in the Counseling Office with Ms. Cardenas, registrar. (You must have a parent’s/guardian’s signature on file if you are under 18)
Transcripts are $2.00 each and the final transcript is free
You should order your transcript at least 3 days in advance of the mailing date.
Pick up your transcript, if it is not submitted electronically, from the registrar
Transcripts through Common App: Fill out transcript request form w/ the registrar (specify common app & list your schools). Submit one $2.00 payment. The registrar notifies counselor that your transcripts may be sent.

San Antonio Educational Partnership
San Antonio Educational Partnership
Mrs. Cleveland
Senior Seminar
Taking a step toward the future
Mr. Proa
Mrs. Nichols

Ms. Hutzler

A- Car
Cas- F
G- H
I- Mem
Men- Q
R- Sm
* Indicates test given at Clark *
SAT Subject Tests:

* Check with prospective schools to determine if they are needed

SAT and ACT Scores
* Will not be included as part of your transcript.

* Students need to request that SAT and ACT test scores be sent directly from the testing agency.

School Code

(also called the CEEB Code)
Take the TSI test

(Texas Success Initiative) Assessment
This test is required by public colleges and universities in TX.
Private schools - double check!

• ACT- 23 comp., 19 min. English and math
• SAT- 1070 combined, 500 Math, 500 Critical Reading
• Double check with the schools you are applying to verify the exemption
TSI Exemption:
Maintain or Improve your
• Students are ranked and GPA’s are calculated in October and January of their senior year.

• The Texas public college or university must automatically admit students if their GPA places them in the top 10% (8% UT Austin) of their high school graduating class, they apply no later than 2 years after they graduate from a Texas high school, and they meet application deadlines.

Be mindful of deadlines so that you allow plenty of time to complete applications and write any required essays.


*Do NOT use SendEdu*
Complete College
Explore AP
College Visitation
This is counted as a non-absence and must be confirmed with college documentation brought to the attendance office or it will be unexcused.

Take advantage of student holidays.

If you must miss a day, pick up a form in the Attendance Office.

College representatives are always visiting Clark. Check the calendar on the Counseling Website or check with Mrs. Martinez in the Go Center.

Junior/Senior Parent Night
Thursday, September 19, 2016

6:00 p.m. Cafeteria

Sending a Final Transcript
At the end of the school year, you must request a transcript that includes all of your grades and indicates that you have graduated.
The final request forms will be on colored paper.

Letters of
Requests should be made well in advance of the deadline
(at least 2 weeks).
You should complete a
Credentials File
, available in the Counseling Office, for your counselor to have on file, to aid in the letter writing process.
Financial Aid
Financial aid comes in the form of grants, loans, work-study programs and scholarships.
Everyone should apply for financial aid.
Application forms for financial aid are called FAFSA forms and are available in the Career Center or online.

Scholarship Opportunity

Qualifiers: 95% Attendance throughout High School

80 or higher GPA from 10th gr. through Senior year

Commitment form completed in English 4 class and turned into teacher.

Must attend 2 or 4 year college or university (public or private) in San Antonio

Amount varies based on School you will be attending.

SAEP is a partnership of Educators, Businesses, Government, and Community Agencies

Demonstrate Financial Need

Selective Service
By law, at the age of 18, young men must register with the selective service. Registering is also required to be eligible for financial aid.

To Graduate You Must:
Pass all required courses.
Pass all EOC Exams (New students to Clark should inform your counselors today if you still need to take one or more EOC exams)
Earn 24 credits for the Minimum program or
Earn 26 credits for the *Recommended program or

Earn 26 credits with 4 advanced measures for the *Distinguished program.
* Eligible students may qualify for the TEXAS Grant *

September 10
October 22 *
December 10
February 11
April 8 *
June 10
Mrs. Switzer
Head Counselor
Mrs. O'Malley
Sn- Z
Mrs. Carr
Mrs. Guerra

College Bound Cougars!
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