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presentación sobre aplicacións prácticas do grafeno

Eloi Saborido Santiago

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of grafeno

GRAPHENE: the supermaterial What are we talking about? Graphene is a sheet of a expesor atom consisting entirely of carbon hexagonal cells So what? Well, the story is that this material has properties that to convert it, when improvements in getting method allow it, in the promoter of a new revolution that will include several fields. Applications This extraordinary properties allow graphene open a huge range of possibilities to the industry. Blindage Intelligent and stronger helmets, bulletproof vests, armored cars... 1st Industrial Revolution Late XVIII century Early XXI century 2nd Industrial revolution 3rd Industrial Revolution Late XIX century most amazing
material known Most resistant material Thinnest material PROPERTIES Best electrical conductor Semiconductor Hardest material Flexible Transparent Graphene transistors instead of the silicon ones
(graphene allows about 100 more frequency) Electronic Graphene processors silicon graphene Processors frequency at about 300 GHz instead of 3,4 GHz of the Intel Core i7 for example graphene Intel Core i7 supercapacitor Graphene supercapacitors can store as much as a battery charge and can be charged in ten minutes Fuel additive Graphene improves combustion efficiency giving more power at a lower consume Graphene is used in supersonic aircraft fuel Superconductive wires Electrons movility in graphene is higher than the best metalic conductor, the silver. Graphene is not heated due to the Joule effect (no thermal loses on the distribution) Flexible electronics graphene Graphene makes possible to create thin and transparent electronic devices Future applications of graphene And this is the end:
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