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All About Me!

No description

Kaitlyn Bollman

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of All About Me!

Kaitlyn Bollman First off I'll start with my name. My name is Kaitlyn Faith Bollman. I'm 12 years old and I'm in grade 7. I was born on June 30th 2000. My favorite colour is BLUE. When I was young I wanted to be a hair dresser, as I've gotten older I've wanted to be a preschool teacher, only because I won't have to do report cards. The sport that I participate in is Cheerleading. Cheerleading is what I've been doing all my life. I started Cheerleading at the age of 2-3 and have been doing it for exactly 10 years and I'm going onto my 11Th year. Almost everyone I know has said either to me or behind my back that Cheerleading is not a real sport, but I totally disagree. In Cheerleading you get exercise in almost all ways. I spend an average of 10 hours at my Cheerleading gym. BEST FRIENDS My Family! In my family I have two sisters and one brother and my mom and dad. My sister's name is Emily she likes the colour YELLOW. My other sister's name is Nicole likes the colour PINK. And then you have my brother Jamie, Jamie likes the colour ORANGE. Last but not least you've got my parents. My moms name is Shandra and my dads name is Corey. Fierce Medium Sr. Coed 5 These are two of my very best friends Keilar and Brooke. :p These are my guy friends Marcus and Graeme. :D This is me and Rylee (one of my very best friends) And this is Halle and Me (another one of my very best friends) This is my 6 year old sister, Nicole This is my 9 year old sister, Emily Oh yah and this is my brother, Jamie My dad is an amazing person. He is the operations manager for BC and the Yukon's centralized accounting unit of a bank. He works downtown and has to take the West Coast Express to work everyday. In the summer when me and my sisters and brother spent the day with my grandma and grandad we sometimes get to ride on the train home with my dad. This is me and my sisters That's me! Made by: Kaitlyn Bollman THE END This is his "i'm so KOOL" pose. My mom is awesome. My mom works for a wholesale automotive glass company. She is in charge of making sure everyone pays their accounts on time and also selling glass to customers. I've been to lots of places before All About Hawaii! I've been to a lot of places including Disneyland, Hawaii, California, Kala Point, L.A., Minnesota and Arizona. True fact: I've been to Disneyland 13 times not just for vacation but for my Cheerleading competition's. I've also been to Arizona 4 times. And Kala Point, Hawaii, L.A. and Minnesota once. WHERE I'VE BEEN! See guys do Cheerleading too.
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