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Low HDI Country - Senegal

- Paola Esmele P6 AP World History -

Paola Esmele

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Low HDI Country - Senegal

SENEGAL - A low HDI Country Language: français Politics: - republic w/ presidency current president
> Abdoulaye Wade < Geography: - west side of Africa - mostly sandy plains HDI: 166th, 0.464 - contains several rivers,
which one is located at the
north borderline the reason why:
the reason why Senegal
has such a low hdi is
because of health, demography
and several economic issues
despite the fact that they are
slowly improving.
Issues would be major unemployment,
decent living with much needed resources for many
little health concern, etc. Climate: - tropical climate
- quite humid
- 130 degrees f is highest
- 62 degrees f is the lowest administrative divisions: - divided into 14 regions - administered by a council member Economy: - undertook a economic reform
- helped make senegal one of
fastest growing economy - has gotten help from other
countries like france, japan, and china Demography: suffering from:
-juvenile deliquency
- chronic high unemployment
- scoioecnomic disparity 13.7 million residents
42 percent live in rural areas lots of refugees
and asylum seekers ETHNICITY: mostly different
varities of africans
some europeans
and many others Health: public expenditure =
2.4 percent
private expenditure =
3.5 percent fertility rate =
5:2(early 2000s)
6 physicians per 100k
infant mortality =
77/1000 live births

various types
mostly christianity
and islam CUlture: Education: very much into music sabar drumming is used
during special occasions free education for all
children until the age
of 16 literacy is high, especially
among women public expenditure =
5.4 percent 69 percent primary
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