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Student Ambassador Training 2014

No description

Thomas Sipsey

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of Student Ambassador Training 2014

Welcome to
Student Ambassador Training 2014!

Are you???
Passionate about CCHS
Willing to share our school with others
Thank you for joining us today!
CCHS appreciates all that our Student Ambassadors do!
If yes, then Student Ambassadors is the group for you!!!
For Student Ambassadors
Develop group management skills, public speaking and interpersonal skills
Learn general knowledge about CCHS
Strengthen leadership qualities
Become an Ambassador for CCHS to prospective families with a personal touch and enthusiasm
For Visitors
Make them feel welcome and comfortable at CCHS
Provide a positive and honest impression of our school community
Offer a friendly and personable student perspective of CCHS so that they may learn what CCHS is all about
Communication & Presentation
Timing & Attire
You are a
Be attentive

to your tour group and guests
Make our guests
Communication & Presentation
Know your
Ask your guests what they would like to see during their visit
your tour!
Share an
student perspective
Remember to be
Review your Student Ambassador manual,
KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW - What is your story
Don't be afraid to say "
I don't know
with correct information!
Timing and Attire
Be on time
is required at all events*
- you are an excellent representative of CCHS!
Responsibilities of Student Ambassadors include:
Hosting a prospective student for a full school day
Arrive in Baroni Hall or IA at 9 a.m.
Assist your guest with his/her iPad mini and the RAD app
Introduce your guest to each teacher at the beginning of each class
Introduce your guest to CCHS students to help them feel welcome
Present your Raider for a Day guest with a CCHS t-shirt at the end of his/her visit
Write a note to the student you hosted. Say thank you for spending the day at CCHS and make a positive and memorable impression on your guest!
Admission Programs
Raider for a Day
Shadow Exeprience
SUPER important Admissions program!
Be a Raider Facebook Page
The CCHS Admissions Facebook Page is designed for all prospective and current students. Please "Like" the page when you get home and be active contributors by posting appropriate pictures, videos, and comments.
Have fun with it!
8th grade middle school visits and campus tours will take place throughout the school year. These visits are an opportunity for prospective students to experience CCHS and gather information about our school.

Student Ambassadors are critical in ensuring the success of these programs. Our goal is that you will receive all of the training and information you will need to give a successful tour and assist our guests while they visit us.
Campus Tours and Middle School Visits
How to give a tour at Central Catholic...
Introduce yourself!
Include your name, grade, hometown and the activities you are involved in.
Ask your guests what they are interested in seeing. The goal should be to make the tour as personal as possible. Be sure to pay attention to the areas of the school that the family is most interested in.
Be honest and positive!
Share stories about your experiences as a student, answer questions as best you can, and try to engage the prospective student in conversation.
Ground Floor
Small Gym
Language Lab
Health Classrooms
Rock Climbing Wall
First Floor
Main Office and Lobby
South Wing- Opened in 2005
Guidance Center
Administrative Offices
Office of Admissions
Institutional Advancement
Business Office
Nurse's Suite
Campus Store
Music Suite
Band Room
Memorial Gymnasium
Locker rooms
Second Floor
Computer Technology and Business Classrooms
Baroni Multipurpose Room
Campus Ministry
Third Floor
Media Center
Art Studios
Biology Lab
Chemistry Lab
Physics Lab
Some More
Helpful Hints...
How to finish a tour at Central Catholic...
Closing a tour the right way is
Did the group see what they wanted to see?
Stay connected with your guest (only if you are comfortable doing so)!
Make sure your guests have a viewbook!
Shake their hands and thank them for coming!
Ask if the student has signed up for a RAD visit
Ask them to complete an inquiry form if this is their first visit to CCHS
Encourage the prospective student to register for the HSPT exam here at CCHS
Invite the family to our Open House on Sunday, October 20 from 1-4 p.m.
Thank you Student Ambassadors!!!
We are thrilled to be working with you and look forward to having an amazing year!
You are
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