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Multimedia and Social Networking

No description

katie fletcher

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Multimedia and Social Networking

Katie Fletcher
Julie Holden
Taylor Starks
Sophie Throsby When Forces Collide: Social Networks & Multimedia Communications Communicating through a combination of different content forms, including: What are multimedia communications? What is a social network? a website or online service that facilitates communication and sharing How do the two intersect? Facilitate communication and personal expression with the use of multimedia

Enable content sharing on integrated platforms Social Media as a News Platform 27% of "Frequent Sharers" are responsible for 87% of news on social networks Arab Spring Death of Osama Bin Laden Social Media as a
Platform for Personal
Expression and Sharing Picture and Video Sharing Made Simple By... Over 50% of people in the U.S. learned about breaking news via social media Video Chat From Anywhere! Pandora Radio Sharing Music Taste Through Social Media Spotify on Facebook 49.1% of learned of breaking news via social media that was later found to be false Create Music on Soundcloud Where in the World Are Your Friends? How the Times Have Changed! As of 2012... Text Video Audio Still Images Animation Hello World! 11:00 pm: 5,106 tweets per second 10:45pm -2:00am:
3,000 tweets/sec Thanks for listening!
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