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Excellent Reader Strategies

No description

Ms Kanas

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Excellent Reader Strategies

Excellent Reader Strategies
Strategy 1: Read With a Purpose
Give me a brief explanation of why it is important to read with a purpose.
Explain how "The House" activity helped you to understand the importance of reading with a purpose.
Strategy 2: Stop & Think
Explain this activity and what you learned from it.
Explain what we did to acquire these questions.
1. Activate Prior Knowledge
Explain what this strategy is, and tell me which "connection" you find the easiest. (Explain each of the 3 connections).
2. Ask questions
Explain what this strategy is (clarifying and ponderable questions).
Strategies 1-5 due September 15 & 16
Strategy 3: figure out tricky words
Give an explanation of this strategy and why it's important.

Explain this activity and how it helped you practice this strategy.
strategy 4: monitor your comprehension
What does metacognition mean?
Why is it important to monitor your comprehension?
Explain this activity. Then, explain what you learned about yourself as a reader through this activity.
Strategy 5: use fix-it strategies
Explain what each of the 6 strategies are and how they can help you in certain situations.

Photograph a small portion of the article you used fix-it strategies to understand. Explain how the strategy you chose helped you understand this small portion.
Strategy 6: Make Inferences
Explain what inferences are and why they help you engage (make you more interested in) what you're reading.
Explain how we completed this activity as a class and how it helped you practice making inferences. You can talk about the story and how it was suspenseful!
ACTIVITY: Inference Practice chart from "A Sound of Thunder"
Strategy 7: Visualize Scenes in Literature
Explain why it is important to visualize scenes as you read.
Explain how we did this activity and what it showed you about visualizing literature. How different was the movie than the book?
ACTIVITY: The picture you drew of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
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