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Erin Tex

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Coffee

Observation In Starbucks Coffee in Milledgeville, GA. Observing the different types of people and their interactions in the Starbucks in Millegdeville, Georgia
The different types of Starbucks customers led to themes and concepts that describe social interaction, age, and class. Starbucks Sara Environment Of Starbucks Social Interaction

Another concept that contributes to the theme of age is how costumers who are not in the college student age demographic interact in the environment of Starbucks.
Most costumers who are over their twetnies and live in Millegeville come in and order drinks to go; most do not stay around to lounge or relax
They stay to themselves and do not interact with the Starbucks employees or other Starbucks costumers
While college students do not mind sharing tables with other people studying or asking Starbucks employees what drinks they should order The age demographic is dominated by college age students in their 20s.
It is occupied by this age group because it is the only Starbucks Coffee in a college town
There is a direct correlation of the regular Starbucks costomers and the colleges in Milledgeville,GA Themes and Concepts Interview with a Starbucks
"Regular" Sara chooses to study at Starbucks because she gets to distracted at home because she lives with 5 other girls and she does not like the environment of the school library
She feels comfortable studying at Starbucks because she says that she sees friends and other members of her nursing co-hort study there as well Larger Conclusion: Starbucks Coffee illustrates social norms and behaviors in larger society. Within the coffee shop there is separation of class, gender and age that contributes to the rest of society's sociological behavior. - very light environment because the shop is full of large windows framing most of the shop
-four lounge and comfortable chairs in the corner of the shop
-bar with bar stools looking out to the parking lot to the left of the door
- full of round and square tables with one or more chairs at each table
-large space for making drinks with two cash registers and display window to the right full of pastries
-bookshelves full of Starbucks merchandise such as mugs, coffee, and coffee makers. The tables are full of people studying, or talking, or just enjoying a cup of coffee.
Mostly all spots are occupied by students studying, friends talking, or Starbucks workers on their break. Nursing Student at Georgia College
Uses her free time outside the hospital and classroom to study at Starbucks
She goes 2-3 times a week and has been doing that for 2 years now
The Starbucks employees know her by name and know her regular drink order when she comes in Age Class Most college students come mostly from middle class or upper class
This plays in an important role because they are out of the norm of Milledgeville, GA
Observing the difference in class is simple as seeing all the latest technology at one student's table at Starbucks compared to non-students who don't use Starbucks for free WiFi
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