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Locke and Demosthenes

No description

Elias Charles

on 3 May 2014

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Transcript of Locke and Demosthenes

Where is Demosthenes from and when did he Live?
Greek Orator in Athens
Era: 384 - 322 B.C.E
In court people needed to speak for themselves
People often hired orators and logographer
Why was Demosthenes against Philip II of Macedon
Philip II was starting to steal Athen's city's possessions
Soon Sparta had reinforcements against Philip
This was his first gain in social power.
By speaking at the right time against an enemy
Who was Philips son and what did he try and do?
His son was Alexander the Great (Alexander III of Macedon)
He became ruler of Macedon at age 20.
He planned to rule the entire world
He had one of the largest empires at age 30. It stretched to Greece, Egypt, Asia Minor, and Asia.
How is Peter like Demosthenes?
Criticizes enemies to gain public support
Takes power with brute force
Looks at the public's fears and uses it to persuade them
Locke and Demosthenes
Why is Valentine as Demosthenes an unlikely choice
She uses flattery rather than aggressive arguing like Peter and Demosthenes
Demosthenes uses hate whereas Valentine uses love to speak
Where is Locke from and when did he live?
August 29, 1632- October 28, 1704
Somerset, England
His father had connections with the government, so he got a great education
studied logic and metaphysics
became friends with the Earl of Shaftesbury, who inspired his thinking
What was Locke’s philosophy about government and power?
life, liberty and property should be protected
these are called, "natural rights."
no laws may be made that contradict these natural laws
everyone is born as equal and free people
Locke did not believe in monarchy
What three things did Locke think an individual was entitled to?
Natural Rights!
Life: living without fear of being hurt by others
Liberty: freedom to live without a master
Property: everybody should be able to own where they live.
very similar to the phrase in the Declaration of Independence, "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
changed due to the abundance of slaves at the time.
How is Peter like Locke?
Political power for them is key
They both want change in the government
They both can control people.

Why is Locke an unlikely choice for Peter?
Locke looks to help the people and improve the government
Peter wants to change the government to gain power within it.
Locke believes in natural rights, while Peter infringes on others right of life.
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