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Linking ideas

Monica Tinajero

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Connectors

Linking Ideas Connectors because of/as a result of/due to These expressions are truly useful instead of They both show rather These connectors express: As a result of your disobedience, your parents punished you. There cannot be a vacation period because of the group's low grades. Although he's handsome, he's stupid.
Even though Many people smoke in spite of being dangerous for their health.
despite Although/Even though He's handsome but stupid. We keep smoking no matter how dangerous it is. CONTRAST The vacation period was suspended because you all got bad grades. This expression has the same use as of "because" As you misbehaved, you're grounded. Reason They can play baseball instead of video games. Alternatives I prefer tacos rather than burgers. These just seen expressions indicate in spite of/despite Lobster won't be served due to it's high price. The television is very expensive; however, it is worth it. in order to He had to eat insects in order to survive This expression shows Purpose/objective As you can see, these words mean the same although they are used differently Notice "but" is more informal. Here you have another word to use, and again the meaning is quite similar. These expressions are exchangeable: Because of - is a two - word preposition, used before a noun or a pronoun. "because" vs "because of" Because - is a conjunction, it is used at the beginning of a clause, before a subject and verb. Examples:
We were late because it rained.
I'm happy because I met you. Examples:
We were late because of the rain.
I'm happy because of you. These expressions are also exchangeable and as you can see the first one is more formal than the second. Why something is the result. Note : Because and its clause can go after or before the main clause.
I finished early because I worked fast.
Because I worked fast, I finished early.
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