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Karla Acosta

on 7 March 2018

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Transcript of TURISMO RURAL

National Park
Los Nevados
National Park
National Park that is located between the rivers Capanaparo and Cinaruco E and the confluence of them with the Orinoco River in Apure state, in jurisdiction of the municipalities Pedro Camejo and Achaguas of Apure state of Venezuela.
"Every day increases the number of citizens who feel the need for intimate contact with nature and with life" (Mariano Bueno).
Located in Bolivar State, Venezuela. It was established on June 12, 1962 and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994.
Colonial town located in the state Merida, founded in 1591 by the Spaniards where the main activity is the tourism, by means of its rides to horse and donkey via the station of the cable car of Loma Redonda. Its inhabitants also dedicate themselves to agriculture, where the cultivation of potato, maize, wheat and garlic stands out.
It is located in the Department of Atabapo, in the central zone of the Amazonas State; Specifically in the Southern center of the massif Guiana. It was declared National Park on December 12, 1978, during the First Presidency of Carlos Andrés Pérez.
El Tamá
Parque Nacional
It is a national park of Venezuela located in the Táchira states, on the border with Colombia. Created as a national park on December 12, 1978, by then-President Carlos Andrés Pérez.
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