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The first fleet- The convicts

No description

Sarah Lade

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of The first fleet- The convicts

The first fleet- The convicts
Behind the news- The First Fleet
The convicts- What do you think?
What type of clothes do you think the convicts wore?
- ripped clothes
- dirty clothes
- rags
- smelly clothes
Let's learn more about convicts!
What do you already know about the convicts that arrived on the First Fleet?
- They went to prison for murder, even for small things like stealing a
loaf of bread for their family because they were starving.
-The convicts traveled from England to Botany Bay
- England prisons were too full
- Some people died on the boat before they landed
- There were even some kids on the boat who were convicts

What type of punishment do you think the convicts got while in prison?
- hung
What do you think they ate while in prison?
- old rice
-peas and corn
Convicts table
In your history books, you are now going to create a table about the life of the convicts.
What do you think the convicts living conditions were like? For example; where did they sleep?
- slept on the ground
- lived in an unhealthy, dirty environment
- slept on hay
-had to get up early to scrub

Your table needs to look like this...
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