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Phineas Gage Timeline

No description

jackie jarmolych

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Phineas Gage Timeline

Phineas Gage (cc) image by jantik on Flickr 6/9/1823 - 5/20/1860 1) Open hole in skull. Phineas Gage was just an ordinary railroad construction man. One day, a mistake was made that changed his life forever. An iron rod was blasted completely through his head. 11) Death Phineas Gage died on May 20th, 1860 from hypothermia. The hypothermia was a result of the epileptic seizures he was having. 2) Brain Injury When the thirteen pound iron bar went through his skull, Phineas` left frontal lobe was pierced. This caused severe brain injury. 3) Infected Wound. Back in the 1840`s, they did not know much about germs. When Phineas was still recovering from his injury, his wound became infected because the correct precautions were not taken. 4) Change In Personality Most of the time with brain injuries, people have a change in their personality. This was the case for Phineas. Many people said, "He was no longer Phineas." 5) Change In Brain Tissue Phineas` brain tissue started changing to try and heal his injury. 6) Seizures 7) Fall In Blood Temperature When Phineas started having epileptic seizures , his blood temperature started to drop. 8) Violent Shivers. Because his blood temperature dropped so low, he began to shiver violently. 9) Muscle Spasms He was so cold that his muscles began to spasm. 10) Hypothermia Hypothermia begins to set in. Cause and effect. JACKIE JARMOLYCH
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