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Tiffany Nguyen

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Mythology

God of Harvest and Agriculture
aka Cronus (not Kronos)
rose against his father Ouranos who mistreated all his children
ruled the universe with Rhea
mistreated his own children (until Zeus whom Rhea protected)
war broke out and nearly destroyed the universe: Zeus and his siblings v. Saturn and his siblings
Zeus was victorious and imprisoned Saturn in Tartarus
In Greek Mythology, the name Chimera represents something that is immortal made or no human.
Chimera was first seen in an ancient greek epic "Illiad", by Homer who, at the time, was the greatest ancient greek epic poet.
Chimera is described as a monstrous, fire - breathing female creature with the body of a lioness, a tail that ended with a snake or serpent - like reptile’s head, and a head of a goat that stood out from the back at the center of her spine.
It was said in Hesiod’s Theogony, Chimera ultimately met her demise at the hands of a noble named Bellerophon who rode the Pegasus.

Gorgons are feminine creature that would turn people into stone upon eye contact.
Originally there are three sisters, Euryale, Sthenno, and Medusa, however Medusa was the only one who was a beautiful girl who was also a mortal.
The goddess Athena had become jealous of Medusa because Poseidon had developed an interest towards Medusa and have been seducing her in one of Athena’s temple, thus angered Athena and turned Medusa into a hideous Gorgon.
Athena later on assisted Perseus to decapitate Medusa and requested for Medusa’s body and blood for her own benefits.

Mentor is an old friend of Odysseus
Odysseus entrusted Mentor with his household as he sailed out against Troy.
Athena assumes the shape of Mentor in order to guide Telemachus, Odysseus's son.
The real Mentor was in Ithaca
often associated with Saturn
scientists believe that Saturn was the farthest planet from the sun and received little to no sunlight
associated with the coldness of the principle of Evil as is Satan

The term is now used to describe a wise and trusted adviser who gives guidance to a less experienced individual.

Goddess of Dawn
name means “the dawn, daybreak, or sunrise”
every morning, Aurora rises from the sea and rode in her horse-drawn chariot across the sky ahead of the sun, carrying a pitcher from which she sprinkled dew upon the earth.
announce the coming of morning and sun
Pluto is the Roman god of wealth and domination and the ruler of the underworld.
Son of Saturn and brother to Jupiter and Neptune.
Pluto is the Roman version of Hades in the Greek mythology.
Plutocracy is a system in which the riches and elites, rule and dominates the rest of the citizen.
name of a natural light display in the sky
particular to the polar regions and is usually viewed at night (dawn)

God of Beauty and Desire
born out of incest
hidden in underworld where Persephone raised him
Persephone, Aphrodite, and Apollo fell in love with him
3 different stories of how he died:
Artemis sent a boar out of jealousy
Ares or Hephastus turned himself into a boar and went after Adonis
Apollo killed Adonis for revenge
Public company uses a system similar to plutocracy in that the person holds more stock have a stronger impact while those with lesser stock have no power.

First woman created by the gods.
Bestowed to Epimetheus as a punishment for giving man fire.
Before marriage, Zeus gave Pandora a box and told her to never open it.
Zeus also gave Pandora a key to keep the box safe.
Pandora opened the box unleashing a swarm of evil spirits such as greed, death, and corruption.
At the bottom of the box was Hope, who gave salvation to man.
In Greek Mythology, Nike is the goddess of victory.
Nike is called into battle by Styx, her mother, at the start of the Titan War along with her siblings: Zelos(Rivalry), Kratos(Strength), and Bia(Force).
However, Nike was appointed to be Zeus' charioteer (She did not fight, unlike her other siblings).
Today, Nike is known as a sports brand providing it's customers with sports equipment.
In a way, Nike blesses it's customer with the ability to achieve victory.

Adam and Eve
Eve is like Pandora because she was the first woman. They both desired something sacred and forbidden.
Derived from the river Lethe, which flows through Hades (underworld)
Around the cave of Hypnos where it's murmuring induces drowsiness.
Also called river of Oblivion as shades of the dead are required to drink from it to forget their earthly lives.

The Scarlet Letter
by Nathanial Hawthorne

"I know not Lethe nor Nepenthe" - Hawthorne Ch.4.
Known as the 9 intelligent, and beautiful goddesses, each goddess was in charge of their own literary or poetic genre.
Daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, their purpose is to make people forget the evils, relieve their fears, and to praise the gods.
Accompanied Apollo, (teacher),on strolls and loved singing and dancing while Apollo plays the lyre.
The name Orion represents a great and very skilled hunter that ended up dying because of their overconfidence in their abilities.
The story of Orion begins when he is hired by King Oenopion to kill the ferocious beasts that were inhabiting the island of Chios.
After he had succeeded in his mission, he began to brag about hunting and killing every beasts in earth.
Gaia, who was also known as Mother Earth, was angered by his actions and had sent down a giant scorpion to kill him.
Powerless against the giant scorpion, Orion tries to flee, but is ultimately stung and killed by it. As a reward, Gaia places the scorpion amongst the stars.
So now in the stars, every winter Orion hunts the sky, but every summer, he flees as the constellation of the scorpion comes.
character by the name of Cato was believed to be the strongest challenger
his overconfidence in his ability led to his demise
In Hercules, Clio is featured alongside Calliope, Melpomene, Terpischore, and Thallia.
Tuyen Nguyen
Tiffany Nguyen
Linh Chu
Brian Bui
Jacob Raveza
Period 3
Primarily, an Olympian represents the 12 Gods and Goddessess that ruled over Heaven and Earth from the top of Mount Olympus.
It has been said that Kronos, the father of Zeus, was the first ruler of Heaven and Earth until Zeus ended his Reign.
The Lightning Thief
By: Rick Riordan
Today, authors still talk
about greek mythology just
like in The Lightning Thief
to portray a sense of threat
in order to create conflict.
Kronos is the Titan of time and ages.
His mother Gaia, ask him who is the youngest out of all his brothers and sisters to overthrow his father Uranus and took power because he was planned to throw down his children into the pits of Tartarus so they won’t resist.
Later after Kronos coming to power, he married his sister Rhea and gave birth to the first Olympians.
There were other children that Kronos gave birth to, but just like his father he was paranoid, so he ate his children the moment they were born.
Rhea replaced Zeus as a rock wrapped in clothing too escape and when Zeus grew up, he overthrew Kronos, sending him to Tartarus.
Kronos Workforce Timekeeper System
Since Kronos refers to time,
today there are time systems that
were named after the Titan.
Vulcan is the Roman god of fire, metalworking, stonemasonry, and art of sculpture.
Offspring of Jupiter and Juno
Many other stories but mostly known for his creations.
He was thrown down to Earth on the island of Lemnos for being unbelievably deformed by his parents, but luckily he survived the impact from the Lemnians catching him.
Created a golden chair for his mother, a thunderbolt for Jupiter, a helmet with an invisibility ability, Pandora, Mt. Etna, and many other
The Great Gatsby
By: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Vulcan can be seen through Gatsby
for they both were at a low status
and left away to gain back their recognition.
Olypic Games
Humans attempting to gain power similar to that of Zeus'.
"No time to nurse Chimeras"
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