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Video Games and Teen Violence

MI Prezi for first semester period 5 Mr. Perkins

Collin Pittman

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Video Games and Teen Violence

Relationship Between Video Game and Teen Violence
Immunity to Violence
People who play more vs. people who play occasionally
Personality Changes
Naturally Violent
Intensified Aspects Visible

Lack of Studies
Normal People Playing
Don't Stereotype
Negative Affects
Prone to Violence
Darker Personality
Responsibly Towards Parents
How the Kids Get the Games
Blaming Others
Use Common Sense
Genetic Predisposition and Upbringing
Violence in the home
Genetics playing a role
Juvenile Crime Rates
Decline of crime and incline of games
Arrest Rate 71.9%
Violent Crime 49.3%
Violence in this Room
Video Gamers here
How many of you plan to Murder?
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