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Radial Balance

No description

Kelly Schlemo

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Radial Balance

What is Radial Balance?
The definition of radial balance is any type of circle with a balanced design, extending from the center of the circle. Normally in radial balanced art, lines and shapes face outward from a central point.

Radial Balance designs can also lead your eye towards the center.
Radial balance art will normally show
, meaning all sides of a shape are equal.
A snowflake is a perfect example of an object that is symmetrical. Even if you flip the shape from the center, it will still be the same.
Where would you see radial balanced art?
Sand Mandalas
Sand mandalas, popular in countries such a Tibet and parts of China, are an ancient art form seen in Buddhist religion. Mandala sand designs are created to represent the activities and teachings of the Buddhist religion and are often seen at spiritual ceremonies. These designs show a radial balance, which also symbolizes the balance of life.

Hex Signs
Since the early 1900's, the Pennsylvania Dutch (German speaking immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania in the 1600's), created an art form called Hex Signs for decorating the outside of their barn. These circular designs have special meanings that represent many things such as good luck, happiness, good fortune, and good health. The colors and shapes you see within the artwork helps symbolize the different meanings. Hex Signs are still painted today on barns in many parts of Pennsylvania.
Radial Balance in Art
Rose Windows
A rose window is a circular window that is found in churches or cathedrals from Gothic Architecture. These windows are made of colorful stained glass and tiny precious stones, and show radial balance all around their designs.
For your next art project, you will be creating your own form of a radial balanced design.

For your benefit, you will choose which type of radial balanced art you like the best and can re-create your own design. You will be responsible to add in at least
5 different types
of lines into your work and must add in
geometric shapes
organic shapes
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