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Risk Assessment and Preventing Injuries

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Mr MacDonald (PE)

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Risk Assessment and Preventing Injuries

Risk assessment and
preventing injuries

Lesson Objectives:


Will be able to Identify the risks associated with participation in a physical activity
Will be able to explain how to reduce those risks.
Will understand what a PAR-Q is and how this helps to reduce injury in physical activity.
Pretty Much any sport has an element of risk attached to it.
Put in order from 'Most' to 'Least' the 5 sports in order of risk.
17 injuries per 1000 player-hours
6.3 injuries per 1000 player-hours
0.001 per 1000 player-hours
2.7 injuries per 1000 player-hours
0.60 injuries per 1000 player-hours
What things can we do to help prevent an Injury?
Warm up:
Warming up the muscles gradually helps to
prevent injury.

It warms the muscles and
increases body temperature
, which i
mproves the oxygen supply
to the body.
It helps i
ncrease blood flow to the muscles
, allowing them to
contract and relax more quickly
It helps
and the
for more
strenuous activity
It may
overall exercise
of the
ligaments, tendons and other connective tissues
Cool Down
: The cool down helps to
disperse lactic acid
from the
muscles, preventing soreness and ache

Aid in the
dissipation of waste products
- including lactic acid

the potential for

the chances of dizziness or fainting caused by the
pooling of venous blood at the extremities

the level of
in the blood
Allows the
heart rate to return to its resting rate.
and Facilities:

It is
that before any physical activity take place the
officials, organisers and participants
check that the
facilities and equipment
are in safe and s
ecure working order
Protective Equipment and Clothing:

In your own words describe how protective clothing can help prevent sporting injuries.

Relevant sporting example
- 1 Mark
Associated Protective Equipment
- 1 Mark
Brief description of how that particular sport is dangerous
2 Marks
Possible sustainable Injury
- 1 Mark

5 Mins
Now swap books with a partner and mark correct for each of the answers given below.

Relevant sporting example
- 1 Mark
Associated Protective Equipment
- 1 Mark
Brief description of how that particular sport is dangerous
2 Marks
Possible sustainable Injury
- 1 Mark

"In a competitive
match, it is essential for all players to wear
shin pads
this is due to players on the field using studded boots. a Tackles are generally made to the lower portions of the leg and most force is generated when tackles are face on
. Possible injuries include,
bruising and fractures
". (5 Marks)
Weight Categories:

Weight categories are used to protect participants within certain
sports such as boxing
to protect sports people from severe injury
and also balance out the competition
Mixed or Single Sex:

In most sports
Men and Women are

. But....

In pairs: list
sports where it is
single gender
sports where it could be
mixed gender

What are the
possible reasons
for these sports
to be either single gender or mixed gender
? (Think of alternative reasons - not just saftey..)
Discuss with a partner - What are the safety issues behind age restrictions within competition?

(Think about young children and elderly people) 2Mins
Handicapping system
- This system is mainly used to
balance competition
based on
rather than
physical dominance.

Using a handicapping system can make unrealistic competitive situations - more realistic.

e.g. Giving San Marino a 8 - 0 head start over England next time they play..
Protect players
Increase enjoyment
Encourage good sporting behavior
Makes the game fair
Gives the game structure
Write a paragraph in your books about how rules in sport do the following:
Physical Activity Reediness Questionnaire
PAR-Qs come in all kinds of different formats and ask a range of different (often personal) information - but they all do one important thing. - Make sure it is safe for the person taking part in physical activity to do so.

These questionnaires act as a first indicator for professionals who are responsible for the safety of the participants under their control.
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