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"5.02 Constitutional vs. Absolute Monarchies"

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Samantha Cotto

on 19 January 2018

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Transcript of "5.02 Constitutional vs. Absolute Monarchies"

Work Experience
Status Update
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Long live the
Queen of Russia
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Educated by tutors and a French governess.
Lived In
Queen Catherine the Great ushers Russia into modern age.

Status Update
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~*Catherine the Great*~
Catherine the Great, a true legend and leader
has helped to expand and flourish her country.
She has helped form and develop Russia into the new modern age. She is an inspiration above all others.......
"5.02 Constitutional vs. Absolute Monarchies"

"Catherine the Great, Queen of Russia"
Sophie Von Anhalt-Zerbst or as we know Catherine II was an absolute monarchy who ruled over Russia. This Russian Queen reigned from July 9th, 1726 to November 17th, 1796. Catherine the Great is known as a powerful reformer of Russia and has achieved many great accomplishments! Some of the most common known achievements that Catherine has achieved was the modernization of Russia. She is known for forming institutions that improved the Russian Society.
She is also known for the improvement of agriculture and education for the nobles and the middle class. And last but not least she has achieved to gain territory and great military success for Russia. Not only has Catherine pursued amazing accomplishments but also great challenges such as the numerous amount of wars, threats of imposters that have tried to take her throne, the constant rumors and gossip that spread from her enemies etc.
Catherine II rose to power by overthrowing her husband, Peter the Great. And by doing so she has made a powerful impact in her Nation. Catherine the Great has layed the foundation of modern Russia. She helped expand the size and strength of her country and provided International trade. Catherine the Great is an inspiration to all women and people, proving through her historical legacy that you can do anything! :)
Once was Princess of Poland
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