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No description

Daniel Bitar

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Biofuels

Biofuels Biofuel is a renewable source of energy, which is produced from biological material or biomass, such as sugar cane, corn, cellulose or vegetable oils. BioFuel? Never Heard of Such a Thing! Fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas are formed by the burying, and subsequent pressure and heating, of dead plant and animal matter or biomass, over millions of years. Fossil Fuels Advantages of biofuels over fossil fuels Clean Energy On The Go The strategic goal of biofuel is to supplement or even replace fossil fuels, the amount of which is constantly and rapidly diminishing. WAIT! What ? Fossil Fuels? And it is a non-renewable source of energy which is a natural resource which cannot be reproduced, grown or generated, once depleted there will be no more available for future use. A few advantages of fossil fuels Their capacity to generate huge amounts of electricity in just a single location. Very easy to find. Oil and gas can be easily transported to the power stations by the use of pipes which is easy. So why not use Fossil Fuels? Here's a list of disadvantages, and goes on top of the list : Non-Renewable Source! Pollution. Toxic Emissions Deforestation Crude oil contains toxic chemicals which cause air pollutants when combusted. Use of natural gas can cause unpleasant odors and some problems especially with transportation. But we still have time to make a change.. Biofuel is the ideal alternative to fossil fuels Lower emissions. Renewable. Biodegradable. Safer. Cost Biofuel Subdivision There are 3 different types of Biofuels Ethanol
Biobutanol Biodiesel is the most common one.
Here's a simple process of how it's made. Some companies that are currently making and using Biofuels
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