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Betty William

No description

Maria Siruno

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Betty William

Betty William's commitment, was to make the world a better place for children.
Every night she dreams of building a peaceful world for children, Every morning she wakes up working hard to make the dream come true. ^_^ Betty William *Was born On; 22 May 1943
*Was born In; Belfast, Northern Ireland
*She's 67 year's old
*President of the 'World Center of Compassion for Children'
Our place is a horrible place now, especially for those children"".
Everyday, more than 40,000 children across the world die from hunger,
and thousands more die in WARS and from various preventable diseases
and other physical and emotional abuses. Everyday BETTY WILLIAM worked hard,
her commitment for children was hard worked.
Every night, she pray for those children who had,
no parent's and other victims of violence"' This give's her hope and courage to do what she should do....62 year old William Over 30 years "WILLIAM"s commitment to children has taken her to every corner of the world,
she is the world child leader, and toward improving the living conditions of children across the world. Children have right's to live in a peaceful planet,
to have access to health and education and to live in a world that where it's safe for them...
and to have right's to have fun.. The End ^_^ 1961, Betty got married to Mr. Ralph William on June 14
1976, Three of their children were killed, in August. 10
1976, Betty Williams was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
1982, She married James Perkins and moved to Florida.
Since then, she was honored with the People's Peace Prize of Norway, the Schweitzer Medallion for Courage, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award, the Eleanor Roosevelt Award and the Frank Foundation Child Care International Oliver Award. She has worked closely with governments around the world and boosted their commitment to legislation that will protect children's interests. Betty Williams 1943 Northern Irish peace activist, Belfast. In Aug., 1976, Williams witnessed the death of three children when a car driven by an Irish Republican Army (IRA) terrorist went out of control after being fired on by British troops. She began publicly demonstrating for peace, joining forces with Mairéad Corrigan , the aunt of the slain children, soon after the incident. The two created the Peace People Organization, a movement of Catholics and Protestants dedicated to ending sectarian fighting in Northern Ireland. For their work they were awarded the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize.

When Betty was only 13 years old, her mother suffered a massive stroke By;Maria Siruno
& Sherleen Andaya Hope you enjoy >_< Betty Williams Now
After receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, she toured around America with it, lecturing in Universities.
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