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Ghost Canoe

No description

Bailey Wildman

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Ghost Canoe

Ghost Canoe
There were many changes through the story. These changes were with the setting because Nathan would go on so many different adventures; outside in the wilderness, in a canoe on the lake, and on land near Nathans house.
Nathan was a 14 year old boy in this story. He and another character named lighthouse George are the two main characters. Nathan was a young boy with a big imagination and he had some big beliefs that soon were real.
Will Hobbs
Will Hobbs is an author of many outdoor and adventure books.
He is also an author of award winning adult novels.
Believe it or not, Will Hobbs is also a singer/song writer!
He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 22, 1947.
Will lives in Southwestern Colorado. He has lived there since 1973.
Hobbies: white water rafting, fishing, camping, and reading. Will Hobbs was not only a singer, songwriter, and author, but he was also a teacher for seventeen years!

Copyright, Will Hobbs
By: Will Hobbs
I enjoyed this book because.....
I enjoyed this book because it had some interesting important details that really pulls the book all together. I also really liked this book because there was lots of suspense during certain scenes. I would really like to see if there is a movie for this book.
Song by Foo Fighters
This song is called " All My Life "
The publishing company of "Ghost Canoe" was Avon Books, now known as Harper Collins.
Who published Ghost Canoe?
The genre of Ghost Canoe is Mystery/Adventure.
Works Cited
That"s all the works cited.
This is where you may find information about Will Hobbs
YouTube is where you can find the song by foo fighters.
On Google
No website needed. Look up "Avon books" on that page, scroll down and it says Avon. below that, there"s some information about Avon books.
Lyrics from the song that relate to my novel.
All my life I've been searching for something, something never comes never leads to nothing.
Nothing satisfies but I'm getting close, closer to the prize at the end of the rope.
All night long I dream of the day, when it comes around its taken away.
Leaves me with the feeling that i feel the most, The feeling comes to life when I see your ghost.
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