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Prezi #2

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Ryan Phifer

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Prezi #2

BVN Basketball
Parent Meeting Welcome Important Dates Expectations Other Items 1. Monday, Nov. 19
- Player/Parent Drug Alcohol Meeting 6pm in PAC
- Mustang Madness Scrimmages 7pm

2. Dec. 21 to Dec. 27- No Practice All Teams

3. Jan. 21-25- Coaches vs. Cancer Fundraiser Week
- Game vs. BVNW on Friday, Jan 25

4. Feb. 23- Buckaroo Bash Fundraiser
- 6pm at the Ritz Charles

5. April 7- Banquet- 6pm at BVN Support System
- Players Play, Coaches Coach, Parents Parent Procedure for Contacting Coaches:
1.Player talks to his coach.
2.Player talks to Coach Phifer.
3.Parent may talk to coach or to Coach Phifer.
4.Parent may contact the athletic director if issue is still not resolved. Coaches will never talk about playing time, strategies or other players. No meetings will take place on game days. Congrats and thanks for your support.
Team Parents: Elizabeth Edwards and Jennie Helmker
All updates and practice schedules are online at
Follow us on twitter @bvnbasketball
Trainer: Lyle Christensen
Phone 913-239-3149 1. Call office if your son is sick and can't make it to practice.
2. Unexcused absences and tardies to practice can result in loss of playing time.
3. Only JV/V will practice on snow days- if conditions are okay.
4. Drug/Alcohol Policies- We will follow BV district policy on any violations.
5. Social Media- Please follow and monitor your son's use of facebook and twitter. Negative posts can result in disciplinary actions.
6. Sportsmanship- We expect our players to show sportsmanship towards opponents and officials. Please help us by doing the same thing in the stands. Thanks and Go Mustangs!!
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