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Architecture- Final

Kissinger Period 3

Ryan Kissinger

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Architecture- Final

Now let's get the big picture here... Architecture by Ryan Kissinger of a small question: what is Architecture? Architecture is the art or practice of designing or constructing buildings. Here are
some examples
of famous buildings: Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright Mill Run, PA 1936 Eiffel Tower A. G. Eiffel Paris 1889 Burj Khalifa Adrian Smith Dubai 2010 Tallest Building in the World Took 8 years to build 6 years to design Now why is Architecture for me? I am an ENTJ "The Executive" Extrovert - iNtuitive - Thinking - Judging 1) ENTJs can turn problems into solutions This is highly useful, since Architecture is not always free design- there are boundaries, and creativity is crucial 2) ENTJs are natural-born leaders Leadership is needed in leading a team of architects 3) ENTJs love to interact with people Crucial in order to get along with clients and team (Extrovert) 3 Ways Architecture fits me: Working Conditions? Not only indoors; work in office and at building sites "If you want to be successful in
architecture, you will most likely
have to travel / work overseas" -Graeme Morland (Professor of architecture at USC) Usually work regular hours, but frequently work longer in order to complete projects Travel Locally to visit construction site(s) Even overseas to work on projects / workshops / meet clients 1st step Finished 2nd step 3rd step Start (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Steps to Recieve
a Degree in Architecture Best summarized in 3 steps: Completing a Professional Degree in Architecture Completing an Internship
to gain Work Experience Passing Architect Registration Exam Finally:
Steps to Career Related Jobs Graphic Designers Interior Designers Landscape Architects Urban/Regional Planners Patti Miers Ken Breitkreuz Here are 3 highlighted questions from my exploratory interviews: Patti Miers- President of PKM Design Group in
Lone Tree, CO Ken Breitkreuz- Senior Associate at OZ Architecture in Denver, CO Ken Breitkreuz Patti Miers Ken Breitkreuz Patti Miers Employment Trends Now why is this? Worse economy; lesser need for buildings (commercial, office, residential) Nature of Work
An architect's goals: Provide for the spatial needs of people using a variety of materials Create a structure which is functional, economical, and practical, as well as artistic Coordinate with clients, and acknowledge their needs and design ideas Also work with team to create a fully-functioning structure Continued On the CDM, I learned that I am The Arts-Scientific Coincides with design and creative arts (including Architecture) Not only on the Myers-Briggs did my personality type match my occupation When I was little, I loved to build with legos and building blocks create/design things (drawing, papercraft, etc) Now let's talk money... In 2010, the average architect earned $72,550 The top 10% earned in America $119,500 (Cha-ching!) The bottom 10% earned in America $42,860 Civil Engineers Construction Managers Therefore: This is the career I plan on pursuing. I will maintain a GPA of 3.75 or higher, so that I can get into a good college (there is a good amount of competition) and make frequent college visits Timeline After high school, I will go straight to college and study for 5-7 years I will then get an internship for three to six years, to gain new perspectives about Architecture Finally, I will take one or two years to pass all the sections of the Architecture exam Thanks for Watching! Questions? Graeme Morland- Architect and Professor at the University of Southern California Highlights of Research - Many people actually leave the career early because they don't have the qualities to succeed - It takes a LONG time to become successful in Architecture - Working overseas is normal, since there is lesser development in America -With Architecture, you can't expect to be a millionaire -In the Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture school in Tailesin West, you plan and construct your own house to live in for your time studying [out of space] CAD, or Computer Assisted Design, has evolved Architecture from 2d design plans to 3 dimensional visualization When I get the job, I will stay motivated, and work not only in the U.S., but overseas so that I will have a greater number of clients
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