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decidim.barcelona, from e-participation to the devolution of sovereignty

"ICT-mediated citizen engagement: Voice or Chatter?" webinar. 5 July 2017. IT for Change

Ismael Peña-López

on 4 October 2017

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Transcript of decidim.barcelona, from e-participation to the devolution of sovereignty

To cite this work:
Peña-López, I. (2017). decidim.barcelona, from e-participation to the devolution of sovereignty
"ICT-mediated citizen engagement: Voice or Chatter?" webinar
5 July 2017. IT for Change


To contact the author: http://contact.ictlogy.net

All the information in this document under a
Creative Commons license:
Attribution – Non Commercial
from e-participation to the devolution of sovereignty

Ismael Peña-López

"ICT-mediated citizen engagement: Voice or Chatter?" webinar
5 July 2017. IT for Change
Systemic changes
Shifts in meaning

Disenchanted citizen.
Informed citizen.
Empowered citizen.
Governments not getting it.
Hacking politics.
Deliberation as a new democratic standard.
Shifts in norms

Transparency to reconnect.
Government as another actor.
Organizatios as another actor.
Binding consultations.
Municipalism vs. the State.
Shifts in power

Devolution of sovereignty.
Transparency in the design.
Accountability in real-time.
Inclusion of minorities.
Transformations in the functioning
Participation, plurialism, social capital, deliberation: virtuous circle.
Accountability & legalislative footprint as legitimizing subproducts.
Openness as a prerequisite of deliberation.
Lesser rol of intermediation and the institutions in favor of individual participation individual and liquid collectives.
Less but especially better proposals; informed deliberation resulting of the amount and type of interaction.
New balance between representatives, experts and citizens in a new ecosystem with new roles and relationships.
The author wants to thank the guidance, thorough review and suggestions made by Deepti Bharthur, Nandini Chami and Anita Gurumurthy from IT for Change.

This research has been produced with the financial support of Making All Voices Count. Making All Voices Count is a programme working towards a world in which open, effective and participatory governance is the norm and not the exception.
Origin of the proposals
City council
Face-to-face meetings
Not approved
Good governance
Plural Economy
Global justice
The strategic plan
The proposals
The network
The participants
~42,000 citizens
1,700 organizations
10,859 proposals
165,087 proposal endorsements
13,210 comment endorsements
school parents association
neighbourhood association
school parents association
sports association
individual citizens
mothers association
individual citizens
individual citizens
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