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JW - Rotary Club of Vancouver Chinatown - Project Vision

A presentation aimed towards the Rotary Club of Vancouver Chinatown to figure out what projects and services we would like to be involved with, whether it be local, national or international.

Pomponia Martinez

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of JW - Rotary Club of Vancouver Chinatown - Project Vision

Rotary International is an organisation of service clubs known as Rotary Clubs located all over the world. Rotary International is an organisation of service clubs known as Rotary Clubs located all over the world. Rotary brings together business and professional leaders to provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. It is a secular organisation open to all persons regardless of race, color, creed, gender, or political preference. There are 33,976 clubs and over 1.22 million members worldwide. Strengths
30 Years of Experience
Strong Core Group of Members
Ethnic Diversity Strategic Planning Session - Results Rotary Club of Vancouver Chinatown Weaknesses
Aging Membership
Not Enough Active Members
Lack of a Clear Focus
Lack of Strong Community Presence 1. Not Being Able to Attract New and Younger Members But, that is not the whole story, we are also facing several threats... 2. Not Being Able to Reverse Membership Decline 3. Losing Contact with Other Community Groups On the upside... 1. We can take advantage of our geographic location 2. We can partner with other groups for projects and services 3. We can raise the profile of our Community and Rotary 4. We can take advantage of technology Vision for 2016 1. Club has 50 members

2. Average age is reduced

3. Regular and highly visible service project

4. We use technology effectively and innovatively

5. We have active community partnerships

6. We are active, fun, engaging and enthusiastic

7. Our members want to become leaders in Rotary

8. 50% of our members can walk to our meetings

9. Family oriented activities

10. More active membership participation Global Community National Community Greater Vancouver Downtown East Vancouver DTES Chinatown False Creek Strathcona Over 160 Community Groups Working in this Area! Health Drug and Alcohol Services
Housing and Shelter
Red Cross
Down Syndrome
Mental Health
Muscular Dystrophy
Multiple Sclerosis
Cerebal Palsy
Make a Wish
Children's Hospital
Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Dental Clinics Community Community Centres
Child Abuse
Kids Help Line
Drunk Driving
Vancouver Police Department
Big Brothers and Big Sisters
Civil Rights
Arts and Music
Business Improvement Associations
Dress for Success
Support for Disabled Education Literacy
Reading Programs
Books and Resources
Adult Learning
UBC Learning Exchange
Educational Organizations
Information and Advocacy
Legal Services
Newsletters and Publications Employment and Financial Employment Information and Resources
Employment Training
Programs and Courses
Financial Assistance and BC Benefits Minorities Native / Aboriginal Groups
- Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and
Transgendered Groups
- Multicultural and Immigrant
Youth International and Misc Community Development Abroad
Child Sponsorship
Providing Resources, Training, Equipment, Shelter, etc...
Environmental Efforts
Animal Rights
Doctors without Borders
Engineers without Borders
Provision of Clean Water Or... We can act as facilitators:

Social Innovation

Bridging People and Organizations

Professional Services Social innovation refers to new strategies, concepts, ideas and organizations that meet social needs of all kinds - from working conditions and education to community development and health - and that extend and strengthen civil society. The take home point here is that there are hundreds of organizations providing services across a number of key areas... Current Project Criteria 1. Increase Club's Community Profile 2. Make Ourselves Known to Potential Members and Businesses 3. To Look for Partners in Vancouver Chinatown 4. Does this project provide service, promote integrity and advance world understanding, goodwill and peace? The question for you is, as... What do we want to do, because we are able to likely achieve many of our objectives in any of the areas of need, but we'll need vision and very likely, an enduring project. Yikes! What I really mean is...

We need to be excited and purposeful about something in our community and others need to be able to see that and get on board with us. Fellowship and money don't neccesarily achieve these objectives. So, its a big world out there, what do we want to do?
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