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The Lady of the House of Love

No description

Chesney Ovsiowitz

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of The Lady of the House of Love

By Chesney The Lady of the House of Love Characterisation Setting 'Vlad the Impaler'
Jack and the Bean Stalk
Beauty and the Beast
Sleeping Beauty
Alice in Wonderland
Dies Irae Intertextuality Summary Countess Nosferatu lives in her castle above an abandoned village. Countess Soldier Servant Every day she sits and draws her Tarot cards, wishing to be human, but the cards always show the Grim Reaper. One day, her servant, who entices young men as food for the Countess from the local fountain, comes across a young soldier, at which point the Countess draws The Lovers ('Les Amoureux') from her cards for the first time. The servant invites the soldier into the chateau for a meal, which he eats alone, before entering the Countess' boudoir. After entering to meet the Countess, the soldier sits with her for a while, before she entices him to her bed, to consume him. She drops her glasses, which shatter, and pricks her finger. The soldier puts the bleeding finger to his mouth and suddenly wakes up from a deep sleep when morning comes, to find the Countess dead at her Tarot cards. The soldier returns to his barracks, finding a wilting rose in his pocket on arrival. He puts the rose in water and returns after duty to find it thriving and alive. 'beautiful somnambulist' 'her hair falls down like tears' 'she is so beautiful she is unnatural' 'she is the hereditary commandant of the army of shadows' 'when the back door opens, [she] will sniff the air and howl' Longs to be human 'the most seductively caressing voice he had ever heard' 'a voice that seemed to come from elsewhere than from her white, still throat' 'she herself is a haunted house' Perceived physical weakness 'abnormality' 'soullessness' 'disorder' 'fragility of the skeleton of a moth' Use of French The language of Romanian aristocracy 'La Mort, La Papesse, La Tour Abolie' Language of sensuality 'chinoiserie escritoire' 'Suivez-moi
Je vous attendais
Vous serez ma proie' 'Nosferatu's sanguinary rosebud' 'unhealthy beauty of a consumptive' 'she would like to be human' 'horribe reluctance for the role' 'hot, ripe summer...pubescent years of the present century' 'blond, blue-eyed, heavy-muscled' 'virginity...the least ambiguous of states' 'he is an exorcism' His perception of Countess '...he sees before him, first and foremost, an inbred, highly strung girl child, fatherless, motherless, kept in the dark too long and pale as a plant that never sees the light, half-blinded by some hereditary condition of the eyes.' 'an old mute' 'servant of vampires' 'her grey hair was neatly coiled in a chignon' 'fatal castle' 'castle given over to ghostly occupants' 'part manor house, part fortified farmhouse' 'a dilapidated eagle's nest' 'melodramatically creaking hinges' 'ruinous' 'painted eyes of family portraits briefly flickered as they passed' '[carpet] encroached upon by all kinds of virulent-looking fungi' 'harpsichord' 'the food her roses feed on gives them their rich colour, their swooning odour' 'macabre bedroom' 'industrious spiders have woven canopies in the corners' 'village below the château' 'the roofs of all the cottages had caved in and tall weeds thrusting through the piles of fallen tiles' 'the rank vegetation whispers' Desolation Rationality Irrationality 'This...is about to collide with the timeless Gothic eternity of the vampires...' 'on two wheels in the land of vampires...laughing, he sets out' 'most rational mode of transport' 'beautiful two-wheeled symbol of rationality vanish into the dark entrails of the mansion' Rational Thought 'We shall take her to Zurich, to a clinic; she will be treated for nervous hysteria...' (P124) 'I shall cure her of all these nightmares' 'What a grisly picture of a capering skeleton! He covered it up with a happier one - of two young lovers, smiling at one another, and put her toys back' Vampires Gothic doors paintings' eyes transformation animalism Countess 'a girl who is both death and the maiden' 'girl child fatherless [and] motherless' 'she herself is a haunted house' 'her hair falls like tears' 'Ghost in a machine' ...phrase used by Gilbert Ryle to criticise the "irrational" idea that mind and body exist as separate entities. 'châtelaine of all this decay' 'Fee fie fo fum
I smell the blood of an Englishman.'

'Be he alive or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread.' 'A single kiss woke up Sleeping Beauty in the Wood.' 'One kiss, however, and only one, woke up Sleeping Beauty in the Wood.' 'Curiouser and curiouser...' Where does this story fit amongst the others?
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