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The World of the South

No description

Mr. Dickman

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of The World of the South

Life in The South
(at least 20 slaves)
(50 or more slaves)
White Southerners
Small Farmers
one or two slaves
worked with slaves
Poor whites
Free Slaves
Enslaved African Americans
No Voting
No Travel
Life Without Freedom
Slave Codes
Hard Work
Family Life
Resistance Against Slavery
African American Southerners
Cotton Kingdom in the South
Other Products of the South
Sugar Cane
Live Stock
Southern Plantation
Northern Banks
Loan = Land
The Industrial Revolution
...an increase in cotton
The Problem
Removing the seeds
Slow process
The Solution
The Cotton Gin
One worker + cotton gin = 50 workers
In 1792 planters grew only 6,000 bales / year
By 1850 = over 2 million bales / year
Demand for cotton caused another problem.
Planters began to move west.
The soil wore out to grow cotton.
The Cotton Kingdom
A Cruel Cycle
more land = more slaves
Cotton still had to be planted and picked by hand.
Economically Dependent
Limited Industry
Cotton Mill
Iron Works
produce machinery, equipment, tools, cannons
Planters invested in land and slaves NOT factories.
Demand for southern goods was low.
Bought Northern Products
Slave could not buy anything.
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