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Room Selection 2015


Ben Weiner

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Room Selection 2015

Room Selection 2015
Mount Ida College
Office Of Residence Life
How are Lottery Times Generated?
Housing Options 2015-2016
What you should know...
Students are assigned lottery dates and times based on the number of credits earned by the end of Fall 2014.

For example, the student with the most earned credits will get the first selection time and so on. If there are two or more students with the same number of earned credits, the computer will randomly assign time slots to those students before others with fewer credits.

The Registrar's Office has identified the following: Rising Seniors: 75+ credits earned towards your degree. Rising Juniors: 45+ credits earned towards your degree. Rising Sophomores: 15+ credits earned towards your degree.

Residence Life does not do credit audits, so plan ahead to confirm your number of credits earned and speak to your success coach/advisor or the Registrar's Office if you have questions.
General Housing Availability:
Malloy Hall
New Hall (45+ or more credits required)
Chapman Hall
Brown Hall
Wingate Hall

Living Learning Communities:
Lambda (gender inclusive housing) Lambda will be in Malloy 106 *requires follow up conversation
Women in Science Experience (WISE) for women in majors in the School of Applied Science. WISE will be on the Wingate 1st floor
Design for students in the School of Design. Design will be in Malloy 301 and 302

Academic Intensive (24 Hour Quiet) will be located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Brown Hall and on the 3rd Floor North side of New Hall.
Pay your nonrefundable $300 housing deposit by March 30, 2015. You can pay your deposit two different ways:

Option 1: Pay your housing deposit via credit card or echeck online through the My Finances Tab on MiWeb. When you click on the My Finances Tab you will see a drop down that reads Fall Room Selection Deposit.

Option 2: Deliver your housing deposit in person to the Office of Student Financial Services on the first floor of Holbrook Hall between the hours of 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. If you select option 2 you must pay your housing deposit by 4:30 p.m. on March 30, 2015.

Please note any family utilizing the monthly payment plan (TMS) may not submit the housing deposit via the monthly payment plan. Additional funds submitted through TMS will be considered a direct payment to the students account, not a housing deposit.

Submit your housing application via Residence by March 30, 2015. Applications will be available on February 2, 2015.

Class registration for room selection participation by Monday, April 6, 2015. Residents must have 12 credits to live on campus and 9 out of the 12 must be in-person classes.

Dental Hygiene students awaiting acceptance into the program do not need to register by the April 6, 2015 deadline; however, students need to show proof of registration by July 1, 2015.

Room Selection lottery dates and times will be sent to your Mount Ida email address on Thursday, April 9, 2015.
How to Get a Single
There is no separate time to pick a single!
If we have them available during room selection, it's yours!
Singles are available in: New Hall, Chapman, Wingate, and Malloy.
Spaces are limited!
Singles cost an additional $1,300.00 per year ($650.00 per semester)
Please be advised that all forms and documentation pursuant to a medical single must be completed and on file with the Office of Disability Services by March 6, 2015.
Please note that if you are currently in a medical single, you must resubmit paperwork for the 2015-2016 year to be reviewed by the Office of Disability Services.

No Lottery Time?

If a student did not get a lottery time it was due to one or more of the following:
They did not get their housing deposit in by March 30th.
They did not submit their housing application by March 30th.
They did not register for 12 or more credits, 9 of which are in person classes, by April 6th.

If you do not get a lottery time and you want housing for the Fall of 2015, you must contact the Office of Residence Life to request the waitlist housing application.

Once students have paid their deposit, submitted their housing application and registered they will be assigned spaces as soon as possible.

Those who are still working on paying their deposits and or registering will be on the waitlist until they are cleared for housing.
Remember These Important Dates
2/2-3/30 Students must log into Residence and complete their housing application.
3/24-4/4 Follow up conversations in the Office of Residence Life for those interested in living in Lambda.
3/30 Last day to pay housing deposit.
4/6 Class Registration Deadline to participation in Room Selection for Fall 2015.
4/9 Check email for lottery times.
4/13-4/17 Room Selection
If you have any questions please feel free to visit The Offices of Residence Life in Malloy and Holbrook Halls from 8:30am-4:30pm or call 617-928-4583.
Stop by the Office of Residence Life, call or email:

Residence Life

Room Selection Process
room selection
widget on Residence shows you the name of the lottery you are in as well as the selection date and time.
How to find a roommate if you don't already know who you want to live with
Viewing and Selecting Rooms
Make a Room Selection
Confirmation of your Housing Decision
Review: How to Login to Residence
Go to http://mountida-residence.symplicity.com
Enter your MIC email address and password
If you are having problems logging in, please email reslife@mountida.edu
If you are having problems with your MIC email, please contact Network Services at 617-928-4702.
Residence Terminology
Roommates Tab- Once you select the term, Fall 2015, you can then search for and select a roommate.
Roommate Code- Located in the upper right hand corner of your account tab. This roommate code will need to be shared with the person in your group who is forming the roommate group.
Group Leader- This is the student that creates your roommate group and selects the room for the group. This person has a star next to their number to identify their role.
1. Create a roommate group by searching for profiles under the “Search resident profiles” tab.
2. Participants can change their
search filters or clear their search
3. View matching profiles of
4. Send message or invitation to be
roommates. Participants can
message other participants by
clicking “View Full Profile” and
then “Send Message”.
5. Share roommate code and then enter the roommate code in the “Find someone you know” tab.
Create a roommate group with someone you know
1. Participants can obtain their friend's Roommate
Code by asking them on the phone or by email.
Roommate Codes are usually private and are not
published or searchable.

2. Participants can enter the Roommate Code of someone they know by entering it under the “Find someone you know” tab.

3. Select Send Invite. Roommates will be displayed after roommate codes are successfully entered.
Repeat steps 1-3 until all roommates are entered.

When all roommate codes have been entered and invites have been accepted, each group member will be listed in the My Group box. If the entered roommate code is correct, but does not add the group member, either the proposed roommate is ineligible to form a group (female with males, for example) or the roommate is in a group with other participants.
View Open Rooms

1. Residents can use the filters to search for what type of space they are looking for. They can filter
by Building, Floor, Room Attributes, or by Occupancy.

2. This list is pre-filtered based on the combined eligibility of the group members. Changes in the
roommate group may affect the rooms or apartments displayed.

3. This list accounts for gender and other elements of the roommate groups in displaying available
space, so these room elements are not displayed in the list view.

4. The Availability column lists how much space is available in each room.

5. Residents can save their Favorite rooms by clicking on the white star in the Selection column. By
saving a Favorite room, participants create a personal list that allows faster selection when it is
their selection time.

6. To view the room information, click on Open Room.
Once a room has been identified, the group leader should make the selection.
1. Selection Window Status: displays countdown until selection can be finalized OR message
indicating window for selection has opened and housing selection can be finalized
2. Your Roommates: lists all members of the group and their class year (optional).
3. Room Selection: Displays the room the group leader selected. If selecting an apartment, the group
leader will need to place each roommate from the roommate group into the bed spaces related to
the apartment. In this way, the students directly control which residents share rooms within the
4. Finalize Selection: When the assignment can be finalized, or the group leader prepares to submit
the assignment, the “Finalize Selection” button is displayed. After clicking on the “Finalize
Selection” button, click OK to confirm that the housing selection is finalized .
Once the student has successfully submitted an assignment, they may still view their selected assignment
in the room selection process. However, they will not be able to edit their group or change their finalized
room assignment.
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