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JUC Library

No description

Modi Al-Orainey

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of JUC Library

Space Saving JUC Library Re-Design Reception.
Book shelves.
Reading area.
Studying area. Components: Less book shelves.
More computer tables.
Quieter area for studying.
Sitting area.
Natural lighting. Needs The Old Plan After studying the space we came with the concept of “Space Saving” and tried to fulfill all the library needs . Concept (Space Saving) The New Plan First, as you enter the library on your left hand you can see the studying area! So, we’ve decided to move it to the end of the library which is much quieter space than its old position. Studying Area HOW ? Computers Area Was blocking the entire view and hiding the natural light.
We moved it near the door (previous studying area).
Combine the two rooms into one. Reception Book Shelves As the book shelves block the natural light, we decided to move it into another place where it’ll be separated and at the same time near to the reading area.
The book shelves are arranged to create a space like a room where it also has a built in chairs .

Duaa Al-Hashmi
Hessa Aba-AlKhail
Hind Al-Ghamdi
Modi Al-Orainey
Norah Al-Qhatani
Thanks For Listening =) Done By:
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