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No description

shelby thomas

on 13 September 2011

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Transcript of Identity

is here what shapes me and my identity is caring for others, freinds, and family. Caring for others helps shape me because I care for alot of people, i care for friends, family, my friends family, my familys friends, and much more. Caring for others is a good source of something that shapes your identity because everyone needs to be cared for a some point in their life and when people need you there for them you need to care for them. Friends are a big part of my identity and what shapes me and makes me who i am because they meant a lot to me. Most of the times you can either find me with my friends or doing something that protains to them. But there is one person that i call my best friend that has had a huge impact on my life here recentley, Jordan Drake. He is my best friend and always will be! I love knowing that he would do anything for me & i would so anything for him. We've been through a lot of the same kind of stuff and I think thats why we are so close! I think that family is the most important thing that makes my identity. My family absolutley means the world to me! I would do anything for any of them. They have helped me through so much and i appericiate every sinle bit of it. Some of my family gets on my nerves, but i know thats just becasue they love me, but i get under their skin too so i guess its okay. I've never auctally met my dads side of the family, & i've only talked to them a few times. I hardly ever talk to my dad because hes a druggy and i know that he is a very bad influence on me. So its hard growing up without having a dad, but my mom is my hero! She has done so much for me and has practially been my mom and dad, and no one could ever take her place!
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