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World History 1550-1650

English IV Project

Ryan Wuester

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of World History 1550-1650

1550 to 1650 World History Asia North America Conclusion Spread of Islam
Tobacco introduced to China
Christianity spreads to Japan
Japan was united after a civil war Europe Reign of Queen Elizabeth 1st 1558 to 1603
London's Population swelled 400%
1553 - Lady Jane Grey prclaimed Queen of England
Reign Lasted 9 days
1555 - England Returns to Roman Catholicism
1587 - England at war with Spain (Until 1603)
1588 - Church of England firmly established
Spanish Armada Defeated
1610 - Hudson Bay discovered
1618 - Thirty Years' war begins
1624 - Alliance Between James the 1st and France
1629 - Charles I Dissolves Parliament
1650 - Charles II Lands in Scotland; proclaimed king 1565 - St. Augustine Florida settled by Spanish
1st European Colony settled
1607 - Jamestown
1st Permanent English settlement
1619 - House of Burgesses
1st Rep. Assembly - Meets for 1st time
1619 - 1st African Slaves brought to Jamestown
1620 - Plymouth Colony Established by Pilgrams
Mayflower Around the World in 5 minutes! :D

Spread of New Ideas and Religion
Trade enhance the spread of things
People still fighting - As always South America 1550 - Slaves arrive in Brazil
1555 - Small pox devastates Brazil's East coast
British Pirates Pillage Valparaiso, Chile
1571 - Inca Leader Tupac Amaru Beheaded
1580 - Buenos Aires Re-estalished
1613 - Another Smallpox Outbreak in Brazil
1616 - Dutch Explorer Schouten sails around Cape Horn
1621 - Dutch Troop Conquer Pernambuco, Brazil
1647 - Strong Earthquake in Santiago Meanwhile, in Australia Africa Africa Begins Slave Trade
1591 - Fall of Songhai Empire
Spread of Islam Le Fin!
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