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Pencillin By Emma Barnett

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Pencillin By Emma Barnett

The Invention
In 1928 Alexander Flemming a Scottish man discovered Penicillin mould growing in a petre dish which was deflecting bacteria. He dismissed it as a boring uninteresting discovery. But, 10 years later Howard Florey an Australian medical scientist rediscovered it and turned it into a world wide discovery. After a few years of tuning in labs Penicillin was ready to go out to the public. It was sold to countries all over the world including many hospitals and families. It was also a huge lifesaver in World War 2.
Penicillin Made
Penicllin is a very useful mould that can be grown in labs to help people. It is then slowly turned into a pill or liquid medicine to bacteria.
This event in Australia's history is significant to Australia because it represents what Australia is capable of achieving. Penicillin has given us a boost of population to Australia as well as all over the world. I think Penicillin is important to Australia because it increased our population. Penicillin enables people to live a better stronger life. Howard Florey made a big impact on Australia as well as the rest of the world with our population, how long we live and the respect from other countries.
Before Penicillin
The miracle mould, that's what they called it. Before 1940 life was different in the medical world. Everytime you cut or pricked your finger infection and bacteria would grow very quickly and would be very difficult to destroy. Penicillin is extremely effective with killing bacteria. It can help people with serious infectious diseases which involve bacteria.
Howard Florey
Thank You
Thankyou for watching. I hope you learnt something new.
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