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Think Tank Africa Project Proposal

Think Tank Africa Project Proposal

Marcia Ashong

on 23 June 2009

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Transcript of Think Tank Africa Project Proposal

Think Tank Africa Project Proposal

i)An online data storage system (AfriStor) of searchable and downloadable journals, essays, white papers, articles, and manuscripts achieved through collaboration with key research institutions and Africanist Think Tanks.

ii)The facilitation of speaking engagements (AfriLink) on African issues for audiences who seek experts in specific areas.
Background Many times we find ourselves searching for documents in order to get some crucial piece of information that would complete an intellectual puzzle but do not know where to begin or whom to run to… Think Tank Africa’s is a non-profit organisation founded with the aim of becoming the hub for African policy issues and research, providing a resource point for governments, institutions, organizations, and individuals. Intellectually based consortia are usually inaccessible to the general populace and so often the jargon from the various discourses stifles understanding. Following from this and knowing at the same time that there is a need for such an intellectual approach, the conclusion was to find a way to bridge the two seemingly irreconcilable differences and form an organization whose objective is not only the development of Africa, but also the facilitation, promotion and information sharing of ideas, while at the same time making our work easily accessible to the general populace. After scouring though institutions and Think Tanks, we have come across none that offers a singular source for all African related research and publications, each having its own area(s) of interest. This is the main concern for groups like:
•Students – searching for research materials,
•Educational Institutions – looking to provide and access additional scholarly materials
•Libraries – looking to outsource the storage of these journals and other publications,
•Independent Researchers –
•Non-Governmental Institutions-
•Government Departments-
The main providers of digitized archives that already exist have a broader mandate with leanings on developed world papers, key among these include:
•SSRN (Social Sciences Research Network)
However, our search also led to the discovery of a wide array of institutions which would serve as potential contributors and collaborative partners in our quest to make African related research accessible.
Vision Think Tank Africa’s vision is to become the leading informational resource hub for research and analysis of policy issues on Africa. Mission To provide a resource point for Africa related research and a directory of experts on African issues. We aim to achieve this by bringing together specialists in various areas with the audiences that yearn for their expertise. Prompting research by universities, think tanks, civil society and other institutions through identifying gaps in available research and areas that have potential for further study Our Goals Think Tank Africa aims to achieve the following goals:
To act as information system and repository on Africa policy issues and research for Governments, Organizations, Educational Institutions, and Private Individuals. To this end it is our goal to have all African universities linked to our database.
Linking intellectuals and scholars with the audiences requiring their expertise in their particular fields, in the hopes that it will stimulate debate on developmental and governmental strategy.
Critically and creatively thinking towards solving African problems by involving scholars and academics in theoretical principles, and looking to partner with governments and organizations who seek to implement such findings. We appreciate that there are many parties wondering how to get in touch with experts in various Africa-related fields, we want to bridge this gap through our ever expanding register of experts.
Encouraging research and analysis on African policy issues by making it easy and effortless in accessing this information.
To act as voice of reason; offering publications showcasing the works of experts in their fields, and detailing the suffering and injustices suffered by African people.
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