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Web 2.0 Tools: Group A

MaryAnne Chiarelli, Meghan Coates, Jennifer Day

MaryAnne Chiarelli

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Web 2.0 Tools: Group A

What is it?
Wiffiti is an interactive message board that allows teachers to get feedback and students to ask questions and get answers during a lesson or presentation through texts or tweets.
Security & Privacy
When texting in a response, there is no username displayed, but when tweeting, it is not anonymous. Boards can be hidden from the general public if wanted. One thing to keep in mind is picking an obscure hashtag so that strangers are not accidentally posting to your board!
Advantages & Disadvantages:
(+) Students can ask questions and give feedback during a lesson without disrupting.
(-) It doesn't recognize non-English characters.
There is no way to "censor" texts or tweets. If a student sends something inappropriate, it will be displayed.
You must have a .edu or .k12.us email address to get the EduTech version, which allows texting as well as tweeting responses.
Google Site
Diigo for Educators

What is it?
"Diigo is much more than a simple web annotation or social bookmarking service -- it is a new kind of online research and collaborative research tool that integrates tags and folders, highlighting and clipping, sticky notes, and group-based collaboration, enabling a whole new process of online knowledge management, learning, and teaching in the information age.” (from www.diigo.com)
Diigo can teach students the "skills of finding, organizing, synthesizing, and presenting information, as well as the social skills of working in groups, all of which are necessary in the knowledge-based economy." (from www.diigo.com)
What is it?
Voki is a free service that lets you create an avatar, add a voice and upload it to blogs and websites.
Voki Classroom allows the teacher to manage students and customize instructions.
Security and Privacy
Voki Classroom gives the teacher more control over the students and their content. Teachers can manage classes and students.
Voki is less restrictive in the customizing phase and the teacher is not able to change instruction on the actual website.
Voki gives students to change to be creative when customizing their avatar.
It also teaches students to enunciate when talking.
Only record up to 60 seconds of audio
Free version is limirt on different avatars
What is it?
ToonDoo is a tool where students can create their own comic strip.
Students get to customize their own story by selecting backgrounds and characters.
Security and Privacy
Teachers can create one account for their classroom to access.
Students can share their ToonDoo on blogs and other websites.
Students are engaged and depending ont he lesson working collaboratively.
Students' product can be graded on a variety of different levels.
Difficult to maneuver the different scenes and clip art on tablets.
Too many options might be overwhelming for some students.
Group A Project Findings
Web 2.0 Tools
Google Site
DIIGO for Education

MaryAnne Chiarelli
Meghan Coates
Jennifer Day
Security & Privacy
When using Diigo for Education, teachers can set up accounts for students and control their interactions without the need for an e-mail to login. If a teacher wants no controls, they can use a regular Diigo account.
Bookmarks can be accessed online or offline, both on a laptop/desktop or with apps on iOS or Android devices.

How can I use this in the classroom?
This would be a great tool for a teacher to share resources for extra study tools or extra tools to use at home. A Diigo would also be great to use to give students access to resources used in class to prevent sometimes risky Google searching.
As a collaborative tool for students, this would be great for research projects--Diigo could be a place for students to compile their research sites and resources!
Google Site Evaluation Rubric Part 1
Wiffiti Evaluation pt. 1
Diigo Evaluation pt. 1
ToonDoo Evaluation
How it can be used in the classroom
Students can take a biography and create a video biography with the actual person's picture.
Students can research animals and create a video expressing the facts they found.
What is it?
A place to create your own website.
It is a structured wiki/webpage Creation tool.
A place to make information accessible to people.
People can work together on a Site.
The Site can include information from other Google apps.

Security & Privacy
The Site allows you set visibility options to meet your personal security and privacy needs. These options include:
Public on the web.
Anyone with the link

I think this is a great way to provide information for both students and parents.
Visibility and Security options are great.
You do NOT need an email address to access the Site if you are given the address.

How can I use this in the classroom?
I use this in my classroom as a communication and information providing method.
I also show my students (in the classroom). They love it.
I have a blog on my site that I try to update weekly.
I include links to Sites that offer great information about apps for tablets.
I upload my weekly newsletter to this site.
If you are a Principal, it can be used as a weekly newsletter to your staff.

Here is my Site: https://sites.google.com/a/mesquiteisd.org/misschiarellis1stgradeclass/

How can I use this in the classroom?
After teaching a new concept, a teacher can put the Wiffiti on the board and answer questions sent in. They can also get feedback on how a lesson went. The fun of Wiffiti is that the kids can see their opinions, questions and feedback on the board.
This could be used for exit tickets, comprehension checks, questions, feedback, and brainstorm as a group for projects, activities, or new concepts.
How it can be used in the classroom
Students can retell an event using sequencing words.
Students can tell the main idea of a book by using the three section comic strip and recreating the beginning, middle and end.
Students can show the process of a learned skill.
Voki Evaluation
Wiffiti Evaluation pt. 2
Diigo Evaluation pt. 2
Google Site Evaluation Rubric Part 2
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