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The Black Death

No description

Summer Goudreau

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of The Black Death

The Black Death
From 1347-1351
By Summer Goudreau, Shayna Pellizzari, Haley Minton, and Daniel De Vuono
Symptoms Include
Black blood, lumps, headaches, chills, fever, exhaustion, internal bleeding, death, hallucinations, swollen lymph glands and vomiting blood.
What is the Black Death?
The Black Death, also known as The Bubonic Plague or Black Plague, spread through out England and France.
About 75-200 million people died.
The Black Plague was spread by rats and fleas. The rats would eat human feces an as the fleas would bite rats, the fleas would bite humans causing the disease.
Doctors Uniforms:
'Pocket full of Posie'
Ring Around the Rosie
Wide Brimmed Hat
Bird Mask
After The Black Death was over, it caused the publishing of the Ordinance of Laborers, limiting the freedom of peasants.
Other names are Great Plague,
La Peste, The Blue Sickness
and the Great Mortality.
John Wycliffe was getting mad and was saying the church had no reason to tell people what to believe
Red-Eye Glass
A pilgrimage is a journey or search for moral significance. they were performed often throughout the plague. People would often bring back souvenirs.
Leather Breeches
Wooden Canes
Church's authority
Social Upheaval
Life before and after the plague
A Video
Life before was simple, people would do their jobs and roles they did in the town but after it was tough
It involved the peasants Revolt and had started in Western Europe.
Peasants Revolt
The peasants would travel to Southern England and into France.
It took place in June from 1348-1352
Cathedral and church
A church is a relatively small building and a cathedral is a big structure.
It took place in June from 1348-1352
John Wycliffe

He was an English scholastic philosopher, lay preacher translator. He was burned at the stake.

Cost Of Labor After The Plague
Limited freedom of peasants
Caused publishing of Ordinance of Laborers
'Ashes! Ashes!'
'We all fall down'
Black Death
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