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We All Fall Down

By Eric Walters

Dean Gentile

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of We All Fall Down

A Canadian author
who writes childrens literature He was an elementary school teacher
in Streetsville, Ontario He has written over 70 novels for young adults In April of 2010 he walked 200km across the Sahara Desert for his book "Just Deserts" and also in the next summer climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for his Book "Between Heaven and Earth" A fiction novel This story takes place in
Manhattan New York. Will's home, his school, and the World Trade Center are probably the most important. Main
Characters Will Fuller
An average grade 9 student
who in his first few weeks of
school finds himself in an
interesting situation. John Fuller
Will's father. He spends a lot of
his time at The World Trade Center,
where he works. There are also other characters in the story that play a somewhat significant but small role in this story such as James Bennett a friend of Will and James' father a New York fireman and a few others. Setting Plot This story is about Will's father is taking him to his workplace for take you kid to work day. The only this is that it is September 11, 2001 and his father works in the south end tower of the World Trade Center. This story tells of their fight to get out of the building after the second plane has hit. This adventure filled book gives you numerous different reasons to keep you reading. Thomas Sawda Opinion I found this book to be quite good.
It gave a new view of what happened in The World Trade Center. Especially for a younger audience that might have not known much about that day it lets us almost "experience" in better detail what had happened then.
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