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Martha's Vineyard

No description

Hailey Clark

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard Early History Named by Bartholomew Gosnold
Wampanoag's have been there for thousands of years
Some believe norsemen were here in 1000 A.D or even earlier
Bay colony Buisness man bought Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and the Elizabeth Islands for 40 pounds
1642-first white settlement, established by Thomas Mayhew Jr. Deaf community 1 in every 155 people were deaf
The town dealt and helped the deaf as much as possible
Schooled the deaf together-first school was opened in hartford,Conn. American Revolution on The Island British invaided the island on Semptember 10,1778
effected the island life for more than a century
caused finacial ruin for the island Martha's Vineyard today real estate/economy education population interesting facts 5 of the 6 towns have their own elementery school,the only town that doesn't is Aquinnah so residents of Aquinnah attend nearby schools in Chimmark.
The High School located in Oak Bluffs is the only high school on the entire island.
There has been dramatic drop in the school's enrollment over the past few years because of the number of people having to move off of the island. The year round population is 20,000.
This population rises to 100,000 in the summer with an additional 25,000 visitors coming in and out on ferrys everyday.
The amount of affordable housing has dropped, forcing many families to move off the island. Houses on Martha's Vineyard range from about $475,000 to $7,750,000,which was the highest price a house sold for on Martha's Vineyard in 2010.
The number of houses sold rose which raised the prices of houses 29 % in 2010.
There were houses sold in every town and the amount of houses sold rose dramatically from 2009 to 2010.
The cost of living on Martha's Vineyard is sixty percent higher than average for the east coast. community 8 work/buisnesses The Flying Horse Carousel,located in Oak Bluffs is the oldest carousel in the United States.
Wines produced from grapes that grow on two of islands are sold by companies that carry their label. Martha's Vineyard was home to the winemaker Chicama Vineyards in West Tisbury but it closed on August 10,2008 after 37 years of business.
Many well known people have lived on or have visited the island regularly.
Martha's Vineyard is the largest true island off the east coast of the United States. The residents on Martha's Vineyard who work year-round earn thirty percent less than other residents of the state. The summer jobs that people have account for 54% of the island jobs.
Usually only about four or fewer people are employed at local buissness and stores. The island is very quiet and low key.The towns are all close-knit communities and very friendly towns to live in. The beaches are also very nice and relaxing and most places in each town are with-in walking distance including the beaches. traveling to and on the island 9 getting there: ferry or by plane(cape cod air)
around the island: buses,car,taxis,bicycles and walking life on the island Martha's Vineyard is a quiet place to live with not much taking place in the little towns on the island.
Most places in each town are within walking distance from each other including the beaches, making it a town with not many cars driving around.
Martha's Vineyard's towns are very friendly and close-knit communities. Traveling to/around the island Getting to the island: ferry or plane (cape air)
Getting around the island: buses, car, taxi, bicycle, walking, motorcycle, ect.
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