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In Cold Blood English presentation

No description

sarah muirhead

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of In Cold Blood English presentation

Perry Smith and Richard Hickock's character and how they are portrayed by Capote in 'In Cold Blood' The Hangings Richard Hickock Richard Hickock Richard Hickock Psychiatric Evaluation Richard Hickock "... Hickock did not write with his companion's intensity. He often stopped to listen to the questioning of a prospective juror... " " ...My School years went quite the same as most other boys my own age. I had my share of fights, girls, and other things that go with a growing boy... " Perry Smith "...There was no rule or discipline, or anyone to show me right from wrong. I came & went as I pleased..." "...I Loved my father but there were times when this love and affection I had for him drained from my heart like wasted water, whenever he would not try to understand my problems..." "... Hickock worked with a pen and Smith with a pencil..." Autobiographical Statements Perry Smith Perry Smith "... 'I just want to say I hold no hard feelings. You people are sending me to a better world that this ever was': then as if to emphasise the point he shook hands with the four men mainly responsible for his capture & conviction..." "... The body, placed on a litter and shrouded under a blanket, was carried to the hearse and out into the night..." "... It would be meaningless to apologise for what I did. Even inappropriate. But I do. I apologise..." "... Dewey shut his eyes; he kept them shut until he heard the thud-snap that announces a rope- broken neck... And when Dewey now opened his eyes, that is what he saw the same childish feet, tiled, dangling..." Perry Smith "...He seems to have grown up without any direction, without love and without ever having absorbed any fixed sense of moral values..." "... During moments of actual violence, they often felt separated or isolated from themselves, as if they were watching someone else... " "...I didn't want to harm the man. I thought he was a very nice gentleman...." "...He is alert to what is happening around him, and he shows no sign of mental confusion or disorientation... he seems to be in good contact with reality..." "... He knew what he was doing and still went ahead with it ..." "... Although he professes usual moral standards he seems obviously uninfluenced by them in his actions ..." THE END (Pages 265-271) (Pages 331-334) (Pages 285-294) "...Perry smith shows definite signs of severe mental illness..." INTRODUCTION The Autobiographical statements – The difference in the how content was expressed by Perry and Dick and their attitudes to the task

The Psychiatric evaluation- The difference between Perry and Dick's character and mental health

The hanging of Perry and Dick- A comparison of Perry and Dick's final words and how Capote illustrated the event. "...Was finished before the court adjourned for the day..." ..Then because Dr Jones had told him he must have the statement that very afternoon, Smith skipped forward to early adolescence...
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