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Book Genres

No description

Wilson McIntosh

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Book Genres

Informational nonfiction Book Genres Mystery Science Fiction Fiction that deals with
science or technology.
It is also can be set in
the future fiction that includes secrets or crime to be solved Realistic Fiction Biography believable fiction that is set in the present nonfiction that is information writing about real people Historical Fiction fiction that is set in the past Fantasy Legend highly imaginative fiction that uses strange or unusual characters, setting, or plot folktale that is based on a real person or event Informational Myth nonfiction writing about a topic, including books and newspaper or magazine articles folktale that is considered sacred and that attempt to explain how things come to be Autobiography nonfiction that is a biography of a person written by himself or herself Tall Tale Fable folktale that teaches a moral or lesson, often including animals as characters folktale that is usually humorous and usually assumed to be untrue Fairy Tale Folk tale that usually includes magical elements
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