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Life Sack

No description

Teagen Parker

on 24 October 2018

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Transcript of Life Sack

Life Sack
by: Teagen Parker
Costs and Benefits
What is it?
How is it used?
water purifier
"Solar Water Disinfectant Process technology that involves killing deadly contaminants through thermal treatment and UV-A-radiation."
The bag is filled with grains and sent to communities in developing countries.

Uses straps for easy transporting of water to community sources
When the grains are gone, they fill the sack with the water.
Works Cited
"Life Sack Water Purifiers." PureDrinkableWater. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Mar. 2015.
dual purpose of food and water storage
"Life Sack Solves Drinking Water Issues for the Third World." Inhabitat Sustainable Design Innovation Eco Architecture Green Building Life Sack Solves Drinking Water Issues for the Third World Comments. Inhabitat, n.d. Web. 24 Mar. 2015.
low cost
only a concept for now
do not know exact price to manufacture
not a large amount of water
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