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Topic 1 S.S Final Exam Project

Jayla Lee

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Lithuania

Lithuania Lithuanian Flag Capital is Vilnius. Physical Features The largest river is Nemunas (917 km.) Natural Resources Limestone Where They Live 70% of Lithuanians live in Urban areas. Official language Lithuanian Historical Events Duke Mindaugas (Mindowe) In 1253, Mindaugas embraced Christianity for political reasons. He accepted the crown from the Pope of Rome. He was the first and only king in Lithuanian history. Government Executive Branch President Lithuania's Motto "Tautos jega vienybeje" Which means the strength of nation is unity. Juozapines Kalnas is the largest hill.(294 km) Enviromment Concerns Nuclear reactions Air pollution Water pollution Clay Quartz sand Gypsum sand Dolomite Iron ore Oil Climate Warm,dry Springs & Summers. Chilly,wet Falls & Winters. Population 2,986,072 Density 50.3 km People Per Square Mile 146 Other Languages Russian Polish Latvian Belarusian Baltic Primary Religion Christianity What % completes High School 60% to 70% From 1654 to 1667, Lithuania began wars with Russia. A misfortune occurred in 1655, as for the first time in history Vilnius was occupied by a foreign army, the Russian Czar. Located
West of Belarus. Dalia Grybauskaite Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius My country elects their leaders. Legislative branch Their Legislative body is called Seimas The 2 Houses House of Representatives Senate My country elects their own Legislative members. My country's top 3 products are food, live animals & manufactures. Currency Litas GDP Total- $42.438 billion Per Person- $13,068 My country is a part of the European Union. Founded 23 November 1918

Service branches:

Land Force

Air Force

Naval Force

Special Operations Force Headquarters Vilnius Military Military age 18-55 Air Force Land Force Naval Force Special Operations Force My country has a pretty strong military. The Sea Museum The museum has a wonderful dolphinarium and amazing exotic fish aquariums. Plus I like seeing animals at museums. Sea Museum Congratulations! You solved the maze . Did you learn something new? I'm pretty sure you did. Thanks for watching. -Jayla Lee Welcome To By: Jayla Lee (Growth Domestic Product) Paliamentary Democracy If I went to Lithuania, I would want to go to:
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