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Banana Company

Socail 10-1

Nick Castelli

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Banana Company

To Del Monte I am contacting you regarding your current business in bananas. Workers When your workers are in the banana fields you have them spraying pesticides and herbicides which are not only harmful to the environment but also themselves. You have your workers at high risk and low pay. Many of your employers are children which you pay little to none in wages. When the children are working they can't attend school. If your workers try to form a union for better working conditions you will put their name on a blacklist. In order for your company to become better it first must have better working conditions and hours. Unfair? When the European governments agreed to send an economic helping hand to former colonies like Jamaica and St. Lucia by not having them taxed or have any tariffs you complained about the tax and that it was unfair. But I think that your company is unfair and that you should pay all your workers more and give them decent working hours. If you are worried about the competition and other banana businesses then why don’t you make your company better. You could start with making your workers better. You can figure out what to do after that. Environment Your company and banana plantations are harming the environment greatly. Along with the spraying of pesticides and herbicides your plantation clear cuts forests. When you cut down all of those trees it causes soil erosion and flooding. With the loss of the forest the Indigenous people became displaced. The natural habitats of plants and animals are lost. Also your plantation only produces one type of banana. This could lead to the wipe out of your entire crop. What do you plan on doing if you have no product? FYI In order for you company to become better you need to make some big improvements. I hope you decide to make these improvements and become a better company because of it. If you decide not to make these changes your company will look worse and I will no longer buy bananas with your logo on them.

-Nick Castelli
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