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Bradley Homecoming

No description

Molly Geraghty

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Bradley Homecoming

Social Media Bradley University Homecoming 2013 Current Status 30,000+ alumni
6,000 students (undergraduate & graduate)
Competing against everyday life
weather & travel
In past years Facebook & Twitter have been used.
"Theme" days
#BradleyHome SWOT Analysis Critical Factors for the Future Social/demographic
target audience
Technological advancements
social media networks
Greek life & athletics
tough factor
indirect Knowing the Customer Customer
Current Positioning
Greek community Customer Experience Customer Engagement
contests & giveaways
travel & weather accommodations
External Factors
2013 vs. previous years
Why should they come?
weather & travel
families Communicating the Brand main focus - alumni and registration
analytics - Facebook
impactful posts - photos and videos
interaction posts - people love to share
e-mail updates
Twitter - #BradleyHome Being Social Goal-to create new & build continued hype for Homecoming 2013, resulting in more registration.
3 month plan
September- November
Pre, during & post plans
Pre-Homecoming: Sept. 1- Oct. 15
approximately 25 posts
Homecoming: Oct. 16-20
approximately 45
Post-Homecoming: Oct. 21-Nov. 30
approximately 25 posts Pre-Homecoming 25 posts
Sharing content
1,000 reach (double)
Important posts after photo/video content
Contact about photos
September 16
monthly Facebook contest Homecoming October 16-20
Scavenger hunt
Events schedule
Cover photo contest
Boost reach
Reminders Post-Homecoming Oct. 16-Nov. 30
Favorite memory
3 winners
Recap video
Feedback A Bradley shirt is hiding on campus. Help us find it! Your clue is the shirt is hiding with someone who has a lot of Bradley school spirit. When you find the shirt, take a picture & Instagram with the hashtag #BradleyHome. Good luck! I found the prize on Lydia Moss Bradley! Great start to Homecoming #BradleyHome A Bradley shirt has gone missing, help us find it! Your clue is the shirt is on one of the busiest stairways at Bradley. Once you find the shirt, take a picture and instagram it with the hashtag #BradleyHome Look what I found on my way to class! Can't wait to see what else Homecoming has in store for me. #BradleyHome We need your help! Find the last missing Bradley shirt! If you need books this is the place to go. Once you find the shirt, take a picture and instagram it with the hashtag #BradleyHome Went to the library & received a free shirt. Maybe the library isn't so bad. #BradleyHome
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