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English4callcenters .com

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Food

I like apples. (count - plural)

I don't like radishes. (count -plural)

I don't like soda pop. (non-count)

Warm up
What kinds of foods do you eat every day?
Is Fast food healthy?
Where do you usually buy your food?

When speaking generally, it's easiest to use plurals with count nouns
Make couples and discuss with your classmates
How many of these words do you know? give a definition and a sentence
Use first, second, then, last,after,later and finally.
How do you make a salad?
How do make a sandwich?
How do make coffee?
How do you make love? (just a joke)
Lets watch and learn
Your coach will explain some phrases used in the video
Discuss answers with your friends and make an exposition.
Role play
Select a role and act it out, take turns.
a. you are in a restaurant and you find a cockroach. Call the manager.
B.you are sick because of something you ate.Report sick to work
C. Order a pizza with pepperoni and drinks

Phrasal verbs
Discuss the phrasal verbs and answer the questions
Examples : I ate a hamburger it was spoiled, so I
got sick
Examples : I was
, thats why
I ordered a pizza
Get sick: to become sick
Starving: To be super hungry
Example : I love
eating out
eat out: to eat outside at restaurants.
Do you remember a time you got sick because of something you ate?
Do you like eating out? where?
Wrap up
Talk with your class and answer the questions
Describe your favorite meal
Would you like to open a restaurant? why or why not?
What is the weirdest food you have eaten?
I will eat
you will eat
he will eat
she will eat
it will eat
they will eat
we will eat

I won't eat
you won't eat
he won't eat
she won't eat
it won't eat
they won't eat
we won't eat

Pronunciation practice
Watch session 7
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