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Transformation of a Sales Team

With revolutionary services coming out at a high pace we need to change the way we train our sales professionals to ramp them quicker make them more competitive.

Jacco vanderKooij

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Transformation of a Sales Team

? TOOLS Sales teams should work with the latest & best tools METHODOLOGY TRAINING How t Tools - Methodology - Skill Methodology - Training - Skill Tools - Methodology - Training 4 2 3 1 Consultative using Succesful
Playbooks Trust Triangle Sales methodology Advanced Methodologies Sales Superstars How to train Superstars? Focus & Drip! One Skill per week, 8 Weeks per Quarter. 4 Quarters in a Year Sales Transformation Program Transformation of Salesteams Sharing my passion about SKILLS Hire the right people and Coach the skills The Best and the Rest Ryals and Davies identified seven behaviours of which only 3 were actaully related to sales success. By mapping how sales people relied on each behaviour, they discovered eight types of salespeople. But only three were consistently effective. These 3 made up 37% of the sample. The remaining 63% fell short. SKILLS: What are the most effective behaviours? The Effective Minority Visualization of the effective minority shows the corresponding behaviors of the most effective salespeople. Experts (9%) are good at all 7 skills. Consultants (15%) listen well and are good problem solvers. and Closers (13%) can pull off a big product sale, but their smooth-talking style does not work as well for selling services Meeting Preparation
Customer Interaction
Company Presentation
Presentation & Rapport
The Sales Pitch
Story Telling
Rising to the Challenge WHAT EXPERTS DO BEST SKILLS: What Skills set the Experts apart? Standard Outlook invite EXAMPLE: Meeting Preparation I have no idea what it is about
Who are we meeting (title, role etc.)
What is the objective of the meeting
Lack of background information
Meeting does not allow to forward by the customer to c-level without an extensive cover e-mail
Meeting is hard to transition internally in case of an emergency This is how most invites looks like, an invite with a date, time and a vague location. How SuperStars write an outlook invite Provides a Brief Summary, addresses who, what, when, why.
Immediately sets the tone for the meeting
Invitation encourages to be forwarded
The Executive Admin can print into the daily briefing packet and with it create a level of quality you control
Provides hotlink contact info, easy to dial, e-mail or text you in case of last minute changes Pro's gets best people in the meeting, and through it get better answers to key questions, helping them to compete at a higher level! EXAMPLE: Meeting Preparation Question: Can this be taught? Does it need practice? Latest in sales tools Project Management extends the engagement from sales to deployment Leverage social media through the entire process but above all to re-emphasize success A-synchronous selling pitched create lead-gen and drives traffic to your web-site Send pre-created customized professional package to a CTO to prepare him for a meeting. Standard Sales Person Challenges with this invite are: Meeting is written as an executive briefing; Customer opens Link Automatically sends a text message when client opens the SlideRocket presentation Modify SlideRocket AFTER it is sent, track history A Superstar sends a thank you note but includes a link to a value-add asset. Send TY E-mail TOOLS: SlideRocket as a Superstar Tool Take action: Call, E-mail, or do nothing Question: Can this be taught? Does it need practice? You get viewer statistics, client can provide instant feedback and allow you to instantly modify the same asset A Standard Sales Person is trained to send a short Thank You note as follows: EXAMPLE: Turn a Thank You note into a qualifier! Hello John,

Thank you for making time today.

We agreed to the following 2 actions;

John, I will call you on Friday next week to follow-up

With kind regards,
Standard Sales Person 1 2 3 4 5 Skip the hot-zones at the beginning and end of each quarter Divide your weekly sales excellence training in 3 programs, skills, tools and methodologies During Sales Excellence training, focus on only one key skills at a time for 60 minutes per week. And do it for 8 weeks per quarter. During the sales meeting provide a sales training class such as Dan Adams Selling to CxOs "Jacco vanderKooij showed the drive and determination to become the best athlete he could be. Jacco was the "Inspirational Leader" of our Triathlon Team, being as supportive for the newcomer, to the best athletes. Over the years Jacco was voted by his peers, 2 years in a row, as the Most Inspirational Athlete and was also awarded, 2 years in a row, the coveted "Athlete of the Year".

Through his commitment to excellence Jacco achieved the honor to represent the Netherlands at two World Triathlon Championships. Jacco is a born leader and tireless worker. He would be a sure fit to help any company looking to achieve quality and excellence." Pete Kain
Head Coach - Kain Performance Multi-Sport
US Triathlete of the year 2002 “Over the past year I worked closely with Jacco on a number of projects from developing sales training to sharing the passion for strategic and consultative sales. Based on these interactions it has become very clear to me that Jacco is an exceptional sales leader with an unparalleled level of enthusiasm and energy.

Jacco is one of the few people who is able to extend his enthusiasm to his team with a training/coaching programs that consists of a monthly Book Club, Sales Excellence training, and Story Telling exercises. I was delighted to have him participate in my most recent workshop: "Consulting with the CxO" where he shared his wealth of experience gained in communicating with CxOs from F100 companies." Dan Adams
Award winning Author and Sales Coach "Jacco is a star. As President of BT Conferencing I’ve had many ‘sales professionals’ work with my organization but no one as masterfully as Jacco. He’s very bright, always thoughtful and consistently bringing value every step of the way.

It is hard not to be engaged or energized when around Jacco. I love how he can roll up his sleeves with the team and then help a CEO understand how he is going to change his business. Jacco brings a great understanding of his market; he’s professional, creative, motivational, respected, sincere, committed, and a hard worker." Jack Blaeser
President BT Conferencing “In my role as VP of Communications at Safeway I worked closely with Jacco van der Kooij on the corporate wide deployment of video for training and communication purposes. In this role Jacco provided detailed documentation which allowed my team to make an educated decision.

Jacco was involved in every part of the process, and as a result the deployment to all of our stores nationwide was done on-time, within budget and exceeded our expectations.” Dan Pryor
VP Communications Safeway
President Communications Media Management Association These are skills that can be taught! Standard Sales Training by Jacco van der Kooij QUESTION: Can this be taught? Does it need practice? Provocative Approach Require constant refinement to meet the rapid changes in the competitive market Continuously learn about the latest methodologies Tools - Training - Skill QUESTION: Does your team use web-based selling tools? Can this be taught? Does it need Practice? YouTube and Slideshare generate great leads, but you got to put content up! Create a micro-site using LinkedIn and measure! Example of an engaging SalesPitch by SolidLine\Media A Superstar turns his LinkedIn profile into a value add SalesTool. Harvard Business Review Provocative
Superstars Used Best People Early on Standard
Consultative Sales Methodology With a (you need this too) Creates On Dispersive Ground On Facile Ground On Contentious Ground Open Ground Ground of intersecting Highways Serious Ground Difficult Ground Hemmed-In Ground Desperate Ground Endure, do not stop selling No Bid Will end up in price competition. Accellerate the bid. Delay the bid Focus on the 'one' key
differentiator. Push hard! Partner to provide a complete solution in order to differentiate Change the criteria (buyer, requirements, timing) fight not attack not gather and plunder halt not do not block your opponent keep steadily on the march resort to stratagem fight joind hands with your allies Sell more, increase term & design-in new projects. Sales Strategies boiled into 9 Scenarios Dan Adams With todays buyer having full access to info 24/7
Sellers who has to meet rev-rec changes
Whilst competitors are switching strategies Once a year training is needed but not enough!
for 3 days locked inside = 5-10% retention?
On methodologies 'from the bubble age' Sun Tsu - Art of War 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Basic Market
Situation Competitive
Differentiators Sales
Strategies = + + executed
through Explained Concept Concept
Explained “Jacco van der Kooij’s professional commitment to making EchoStar and our clients successful has set the standard for customer service and partnership that I now use as the benchmark when working with my other innovation and technology associates.” Jeff McSchooler
Senior Vice President at Echostar transform Salesforce of One Chris Powers Specialty Territory Manager at JIVE Tools Skills Methodology Selling to CxO's at F500 enterprises. Chris has the ability to understand the purchasing process of the buyer, locate purchasing power and budget. Excels in use of the latest in online sales tools such as SlideRocket, JIVE and LinkedIn What sets him apart is his customer interaction, morphing a Corporate Pitch, Rising to the challenge and clear and concise Story telling. Consultative sales, provocatively executed. Rookie of the year 2011 at JIVE Networks Case-study http://tinyurl.com/linkedInasatool Latest! as a sales tool opens in new tab The Sales-Pro vs. The Buyer We need to Transform Sales The Sales Pro, lacks state-of the art sales tools, needs to tune to a social selling skillset and develop new methodologies as the buyer is looking in different places, and is gaining superior insights. where is my cloud? What we sell changed The Business Model changed From CapEx to Opex HW & SW is moving into the cloud at internet speed at internet speed Sales is now going faster at internet speed But is your team adopting ? at internet speed Buyers changed at internet speed help me! Let's level the playing field! Hosted in cloud Accessed on iPad Provide the right Tools
Train Social Selling Skills
Coach on Methodologies
Provide Training
and have Fun How to change habits at internet speed Educated
Veterans College
Graduates Competitive
Athletes Sales
Managers Account Executives Helps to
develop new talent Offers a way to unleash
proven competitors Provide a career plan to determined hard workers Improve performance across the board Create formula on how
to turn great employees into Sales Superstars Impacts the entire Sales Team Trust Triangle Sales With a program that at internet speed References Case-Study Action Plan Introduction Explaining my
thought process Conclusion Proposed Plan Anticipated Impact Start Finish CASE-IN POINT:
Explain a visitor what you do in a simple way http://portal.sliderocket.com/Jacco/social-media-for-sales Training video on this topic can be found at: My Passi n because we know how to get things done Let's make B2B sales the greatest job because we care, we love to connect people, we make clients successful, and Jacco van der Kooij. www.futureofsalesisnow.com
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