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Self Esteem:

No description

Jon Cortez

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Self Esteem:

Self Esteem is a powerful mental weapon. When that weapon is high and positive, there is nothing you can't accomplish! Don't let low Self Esteem, and down in the dumps feelings stop you from living your life!
Self Esteem:
How can you make it better?

Ways to build your Self Esteem
Expose yourself

, and
positive actions
Set up goals
, and
when you complete those goals.
Think positively
about yourself! Ex: I'm a good person, or I am great at... etc.
Building Self Esteem In the Long Run
Once you begin to have a
mentality, everything else will
fall in to place
. Self Esteem is more
than anything else.
We all have different traits and qualities
use them to their full potential!
Set yourself apart from the crowd, be
Down in the Dumps
We all get
, but what
that most is when you let that
depression take over
isn't a good feeling.
You feel as if there is no escape from it, like it's going to take over you.

But that doesn't have to happen.

There are ways to overcome depression!
Ways to be positive!
Listen to uplifting music!
When I'm down, I listen to
Christian music
. If that's not your
listen to
whatever works for you.
Find an outlet!
My outlets are sports, Music, and Writing/reading.
Surround yourself with positive people!
Friends, Family, etc.
What is Self Esteem?
a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect.
In simple terms Self Esteem is: How you think about yourself. How you walk, how you talk, how you act, all these aspects trace back to Self Esteem.
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