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Melina Wrathall

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of CHILE

an independent nation.
Dominant Religion
According to nationsencyclopedia.com "The Roman Catholic Church was disestablished by the constitution of 1925, but Roman Catholicism remains the principal religion."
The houses in Chile are somewhat similar to America's. Many of them are far more colorful, some look as if they are made out of scraps, and others as if they were made out of fine materials. Personally if I were to live in Chile, my dream house would be the one you sea on the bottom right because it is really cute and very unique in it's shape.
As you can see, Chile is a beautiful country but every place comes with its problems. It states on indexmundi.com "widespread deforestation and mining threaten natural resources." It also states on panda.org "From 1985 to 1995, Chile lost nearly 2 million hectares [which is equivalent of 2.471 acres] of native forest.
These forests were destroyed for pulp, and made way for industrial tree farms. Pine and eucalyptus plantations cover 1.8 million hectares, with an annual expansion rate of 7-10%."
Chile became and independent nation in the year of 1810 on September 18th. Chile is independent from Spain.
It is illegal in the Roman Catholic church for anyone to perform an abortion and divorce was illegal up until 2004. (Information gathered from kwintessential.co.uk)
Hear are some pictures of a couple different Roman Catholic churches.
There are many different levels of schooling in Chile. Just as we have in America there is kindergarten, grades 1-6, 7-9, and 10-12 Chile has a school grade system somewhat smiler. Their grade system goes, preschool (which America has as well but it is optional), primary school, secondary school, and higher education as well. According to mapsofworld.com "Of these, the secondary schools follow a two-pronged approach of scientific-humanities and technical-professional education. The former has to do with the regular courses on literature, history, physics, math, etc., while the latter aims to impart education in practical and technical areas, such as metal working, electricity, etc."
Many of our modern clothing today in America come from the chilean cultures clothing. Their patterns are where we get a lot of our more colorful and bright clothing that we where.
As you can see, their style is greatly different then ours.
Chile is known for some of the best tasting sea food, soups, pastas and meats there are.
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